9Stacks Unveils Voice-Enabled Poker Table

By Ben Hamill - July 16 2020

9Stacks Unveils Voice-Enabled Poker Table

9Stacks, India’s leading and fastest-growing Poker operator, has just launched the world’s first voice-enabled tables on its premium online platform. Voice-enabled Poker tables are according to 9Stacks, the opportunity for players to talk with friends and fellow-players as they play. All other online platforms only offer a standard text-based chat feature as a way to interact and talk.

The operator has said that its new “Voice Enabled Table” feature is only available to friends, family and colleagues playing across from each other at “private” tables. What’s more, since there are no charges associated with the new feature, voice-enabled private tables are offered completely free of charge.

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New Way To Connect With Others

Voice-enabled tables are to 9Stacks representative of a new way to stay socially connected to others while having a fun time and engaging with an enjoyable game. And best of all is that all of this is available free of charge without anyone ever having to leave the safety of home.

Offering to players the opportunity to stay connected with friends and family on the basis of more than “just text” is according to 9Stacks CEO and co-founder Sudhir Kamath, a sure-fire recipe for holding onto the loyalty of players. Private tables available to users who want to invite only family and friends to their online party are bound to be a hit among Poker enthusiasts.

What also played a leading role in the development of the new product, said Kamath, is the realisation that there are countless recreational players whose only desire is to connect and bond with their own family and friends over a game during a time they’re unable to do so in person.

Signing Up Is Easy

Joining a voice-enabled Poker table, continued Kamath, is a lot like playing host to a private home-based Poker party, with the person in charge of the table being also in full control of who gets to join the party.

What’s more, explained Kamath, the process of setting up a private voice-enabled Poker table is as simple as it gets. A separate “private games” tab allows a group-representative to complete a simple online form by providing just a few important details such as the stakes to be played and a unique table name and password to join.

Tables can then be found according to their allotted names and accessed by entering the unique password created earlier on by the representative/private table administrator.

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