Venetian First To Return To Multi-Table Play

By Ben Hamill - June 18 2020

Venetian First To Return To Multi-Table Play

If all were to go ahead as planned, The Venetian in Las Vegas will become the first Poker room to host a multi-table tournament post March’s shut-down orders. Up until now, the only live tournaments to have been played in person have been single-table events involving sit-and-go card play.

The popular Venetian Poker Room has since permission having been granted to Poker rooms to graduate from 4 players to a single table to 5 players to a table, announced two multi-table tournaments – one of which will be played on June 19 and the other on June 20. Both events will be $250 buy-in No Limit Hold’em shootout events and tables will according to a post on Twitter, be limited to the prescribed 5 players a pop. An overall limit of 80 players will apply so as to abide with physical distancing guidelines.

$25 of the buy-in fee is regarded an entry fee that will be paid to the house, and a further $15 will be allocated to tournament staff.

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The Format

In the event that the tournaments in question were to hit full capacity (and the expectation is that both events will), the result will be 16 five-player tables present in each of the tournaments. Prize pools will in such a case equate to $16,500 each. Since the events will be played according to the rules of a shootout tournament, even though multi-player, a sit-and-go style of play will be followed, with players all playing until such time as only a single winner remains.

The process will then proceed by way of elimination. The 8 winners will be split into 2 tables of 4 players each, after which all players will commence the second round of play - each with the same amount of chips in hand. Those winners will then proceed to a final table of four. The same rule regarding starting out at equal chip-count will apply to the final table.

If 48 or more players were to enter into the field, then the final two players from the semi-final round will make it onto the prize-money train. If fewer than 48 were to enter, only final table players will be in line to share in the prize pool. 

The Challenges

Even though players are by now quite eager to return to live Poker room play, the possibility does exist that the concession of 5 players being allowed to a table may not prove lenient enough to attract players to live tournaments such as the two events planned for the weekend. It also remains to be seen how the limit will pan out in terms of the rake generated by the house.

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