Vegas Poker Rooms Exceeding Expectations

By Ben Hamill - June 24 2020

Vegas Poker Rooms Exceeding Expectations

Las Vegas Poker rooms this weekend reopened their doors to 5-handed Poker games and according to the majority of casino managers, it proved to be a weekend of exceeded expectations as far as participation went.

Games were obviously hosted with proper protective safety measures in place. This included physical distancing made possible by allowing only as many as five players at a time during any given hand played, the wearing of protective face masks at tables not kitted out with plexiglass- or other sufficient protective shields, freely available hand sanitizers, etc.

The usual style of nine- or even ten-handed play isn’t currently permitted due to physical distancing and limited-occupancy guidelines.

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Bellagio Bats A Lucky Six

The Bellagio in Las Vegas, one of the few casinos given the go-ahead to offer six-handed games provided that plexiglass dividers were installed at all Poker tables, reported a definite positive response following a resumption of in-person play.

According to the Bellagio’s Director of Poker Operations, Mike Williams, the Bellagio hosed at least 15 games at any given time on Saturday alone. At times, said Williams, this increased to over 20 concurrent games being played. The Bellagio, which is open 24 hours a day, is one of the Strip’s premium and long-time legendary live Poker venues.

Concerning however was that the famous Bobby’s Room remained empty. Bobby’s Room is the high-stakes division of the Bellagio’s Poker operation. The hope, according to Williams, is that high-stakes Poker too, will soon make its permanent return to the historically rich Bellagio brand.

Poker Returns To The Orleans

But the Bellagio wasn’t the only Poker room to report positive numbers in terms of the past weekend. The Orleans, which first resumed operations on June 4, consistently ran more than 20 concurrent games over the weekend – with the greater part of Saturday having been reported as a situation of ‘all hands on deck’. According to a spokesperson for The Orleans, this made for quite a bit of excitement and not unlike the Bellagio’s response, resulted in participation numbers much greater than initially anticipated.

The Orleans furthermore confirmed that it is currently in the process of installing protective plexiglass shields at all of its Poker tables and that once complete, it too will apply to local Nevada gaming regulators for permission to host six-handed games.

According to Poker room manager Garrett Okahara, The Orleans anticipates having the mentioned plexiglass providers fully installed by no later than this coming weekend.

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