Why Vancouver Should Enter 2030 Olympic Bid

By Ben Hamill - February 25 2020

Why Vancouver Should Enter 2030 Olympic Bid

We have the tools, and so why not put them to repeated good use? Such is the opinion of the man responsible for having helped secure the bid for the 2010 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games on behalf of the city of Vancouver. John Furlong has supposedly told the Vancouver Board of Trade that since the city already had the necessary infrastructure and venues necessary for hosting a successful Olympic Games event, there really isn’t any reason why Vancouver should not enter a bid to host the 2030 Winter Games.

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Furlong spoke to the Canadian Press after his pep speech delivered to the board, and said that not only did he believe that the city could host the games, but also that the city should enter a bid to host the games since the timing is as a matter of fact, very, very good.

A Limited Timeframe

The window of opportunity won’t remain open indefinitely, pointed out Furlong. Once the venues become old and worn, the good timing won’t be a unique benefit any longer. This year marks the 10th anniversary of the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics, which offers to the city the perfect opportunity to double up on the resources without the burden of additional financial investments.

What with local government having spent a humungous $7.7 billion on a new airport and convention centre rail line back in 2010, it makes perfect sense to now capitalise on past investments with the promise of repeat success. Vancouver represents the perfect turf for cutting down on costs as costs can’t be trimmed back any further than not having to build any venues in the first place.

Government Will Have To Say

But despite the many benefits associated with the city hosting the games in 2030, it remains a fact that some money will have to be invested. And this is why, according to Vancouver Mayor Kennedy Stewart, the final call on the matter will have to be made by provincial and federal governments. Stewart closed off by saying that if government would in fact be willing to throw some money at the bid, then it could in fact mean a successful 2030 bid.

But perhaps the most significant a consideration to be made of all, is that if the city were to win a bid to host the 2030 Winter Olympic Games, such a bid could prove nothing short of transformational for the residents of Vancouver. The city currently faces a host of challenges, of which its transportation infrastructure is exceptionally pressing. A successful 2030 Olympic bid could mean the difference between winning and losing and not only on the running track.

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