Strauss Off The Hook After Naked Vegas Rant

By Ben Hamill - July 20 2020

Strauss Off The Hook After Naked Vegas Rant

When Kenneth Strauss got himself kicked out of last year’s 2019 World Series of Poker Main Event by having removed his trousers, exposed basically everything he had to show, followed by an unceremonious throwing of one of his shoes in the direction of a fellow-player, the Poker community at first shrugged off his behaviour as that of a disturbed and possibly hard-done-by human being.

But the initial incident of physical exposure wasn’t to be the last of the madman’s shenanigans as he then proceeded to do pretty much the same at several Las Vegas Poker rooms across Sin City – a naked angry rant that eventually earned him the nickname, “The Naked Bandit”.

After a “successful” series of similar stunts pulled at the Red Rock, the Venetian and the famous Aria, Strauss was eventually accosted and ordered to put-it-back-on at the Trump International Hotel on July 27, last year.

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Exposing Himself Wasn’t Enough

But as if physically exposing himself in an indecent and certainly self-deprecating manner had not been “satisfying” enough for Strauss, he then shortly after his having been stopped short by law enforcement authorities at the Trump, took to social media to rant about how casinos and those who had done him wrong would soon pretty much “get” what had been coming towards them for a very long time.

That the disgraced Poker player’s Twitter rant went public at a time the tragic Vegas shootings were once again trending on social media and fresh in the minds of the public as well as the court, didn’t do the flasher any solids. And had it not been for the insight in human behaviour shown by District Judge Mary Kay Holthus, who eventually ordered that Strauss was to undergo mental health treatment, as well as steer clear of Clark County and Vegas casinos for at least 24 months, Strauss could very well have faced quite the jail-time sentence.

Making terrorist-style threats on a social media public platform after having displayed the sort of behaviour that Strauss did, was basically as “head straight to jail – don’t pass begin” as it got. Making threats related to terrorism is punishable by up to 20 years behind federal prison bars in the state of Nevada.

Came Away Lightly

Being legally ordered to seek help from a mental health institution is there for equal to coming away a free man after having erred in the worst possible way.  Strauss was reportedly often heard bemoaning his fate and personal life leading up to the bizarre series of events.

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