Poker’s Big 3 Under The Looking Glass

By Ben Hamill - March 27 2019

Poker’s Big 3 Under The Looking Glass

The Big 3 online Poker brands have been in constant competition with one another, and PokerStars, partypoker and 888poker each had its own story to tell when the revenue figures for the latest close of year were recently released. One can almost not imagine what the reason could be behind in the major disparity, especially when comparing 888’s offering’s performance with that of the other two.

Last year’s trading figures make for some very interesting reading indeed, and it’s now easy to understand why 888 has been placing so much focus on the complete redevelopment of its brand and platform. The Stars Group’s PokerStars has for the most part remained steady throughout, and partypoker has really done well, and above and beyond. 888 however, weren’t quite so lucky, and have been reporting a steady 37% year on year decline.

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Further Inspection

The truth is that Poker isn’t exactly currently living its heyday as an industry. The proposed re-take on the Wire Act has been the cause of a lot of market uncertainty, made all the worse by the fact that no one has been able to venture a prediction as to how long the to and fro can be expected to drag on this time round.

And yet, despite the market having been at a point of near collapse a couple of times in the recent past, partypoker has managed to grow by an astonishing 42%! The brand belongs to GVC Holdings and this may have more to do with its booming success than what one may think at first. In fact, according to CEO Kenneth Alexander, GVC’s brand is catching up with PokerStars to such an extent that it has surpassed 888’s brand, and is now effectively biting at the ankles of the iGaming giant.

Special Offerings

Alexander stressed the fact that this did not happen as a result of anyone having sat back with the intention of merely looking on as things happened to unfold. A lot of hard work and effort had one into the development of the brand, and under the guidance of Tom Waters and Rob Young, success was inevitable.

Special promotions have no doubt had a lot to do with it too. Some of the attractive features offered by the brand includes a 50% rake-back on spend in favour of high volume players, the launch of the partypoker live tour, and various events and festivals.

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