Nahrain Tamero Wins First WSOP Gold Bracelet

By Ben Hamill - August 05 2020

Nahrain Tamero Wins First WSOP Gold Bracelet

Online Poker player Nahrain “2Rivers” Tamero not only won $310,832 in incredible first-place prize money when he recently outlasted quite the field of players in the 2020 WSOP Online $1,000 No-Limit Hold’em Championship – but he also won his very first World Series of Poker career gold bracelet.

Tamero sealed the victory deal early on Saturday morning when he won Event #31 of the online WSOP tournament. The Event #3: No-Limit Hold’em Championship also happened to be the final event of the United States leg of the tour, and as such also the Main Event. The tournament was open to players from New Jersey and Nevada, with all of the action streamed on

The competition allowed players to re-enter within a half-minute of being eliminated, which required participants to act fast and think big. Late entries were permitted to seize the day for up to four hours after the initial gate had closed, and up to two re-entries were permitted per player.

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Four Scored Six-Figure Paydays

The top four finishers each earned stunning six-figure prizes – with the $2,019,700 guaranteed prize pool having certainly made it everyone’s while. The event attracted a total of 1,455 players, as well as 671 re-entries.

The three remaining top-four finishers who managed to secure their respective ways to a six-figure payday were Norman “abnormality” Michalek, Brian “foxxx” Kirchoff, and Andrew “WATCHGUY42” Lichtenberger.

The top-of-the-leaderboard honours went to 314th-place finisher Ian “APokerJoker2” Steinman. APokerJoker2 was awarded a cool $18,000 for his leader-of-the-leaderboard efforts.

Slow Start – Fantastic Finish

By the time the action had reached the final table, Tamero ranked in third place with 6,167 million chips on his personal spread. The initial chip leader was Brian “foxxx” Kirchoff at 9,729 million, followed by Lichtenberger in a solid 7,844 million second place.

Tamero however wasted no time growing his stash and by the time he had successfully eliminated the ninth and the fifth place final-table finishers, he had grown his stack to an impressive 15,391 million – all of this in a matter of a single hour’s time.

But impressive though Tamero’s grow-show may have been, Michalek had in the meantime gone on his own personal rampage on the chip-count and managed to increase his chips to a cool 30,524 million by the time he sat himself down from across the formidable 2Rivers for the final dual.

The final hand played saw Michalek’s 5s-4d bluff no match to Tamero’s Kd-8s, leaving the latter the final table victor and ultimate winner of the prize money and WSOP winner’s gold.

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