Parker Talbot Wins First-Ever WCOOP Event

By Ben Hamill - September 23 2020

Parker Talbot Wins First-Ever WCOOP Event

Whether or not he himself ever thought he’d actually nail it is anyone’s guess – but luckily, that doesn’t take anything away from the fact that Canada’s Parker “Tonkaaaa” Talbot finally became a World Champions of Online Poker champion on Day 18 of the 2020 edition of the WCOOP.

And since it took him so long, Talbot obviously could not wait to tell long-time Poker frenemy Ben Spragg all about it. It’s what you do with those you’ve spent time playing online Poker sporting Virtual Reality helmets with: you share.

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What A Wonderful Win

The PokerStars competitor won the 8-Max Progressive KnockOut event by taking down a field of fellow competitors 842 strong. All of which saw Talbot’s 1st-place prize money climb all the way to a phenomenal $51,168 payday as he stuck it fellow Canadian player “LoosControl” in the $530 buy-in WCOOP Event #58.

By the time the final table seating arrangement had been hashed out and finalised, Talbot’s was one of six world countries represented – with the Netherlands first out the mix with the ousting of “DaanOss” in 9th ($5,265).

Next out were the Brits – Jamie “Boz” O’Connor canned out in 8th ($5,724), followed immediately after by fellow Englishman Paul Dando in 7th ($6,956).

Battle Of The Canadians

Brazilian champ Guilherme Orrico busted out next in 6th ($11,320), leaving the national hope in the hands of fellow Brazil player Douglas Lopes.

But Lopes would ultimately hang on for two more rounds, during which Poland’s “DrawindDead” and Lithuania’s “Vincelis” ended up leaving the table in quick succession in positions number 5 ($12,699) and 4 ($15,505). All of which would lead to Douglas Lope going the same way as fellow countryman Guilherme Orrico – only Lope finished much higher up on the final table ladder with a 3rd-place finish ($30,721).

Which of course meant that heads-up play would be a battle wagered between Talbot and fellow Canadian player LoosControl (2nd - $47,324).

A massive victory by any standard, Talbot’s is considered all that more of a big achievement due to his having already played online reg and 888 Team Pro – not to mention even his auspicious star-streaming role on YouTube. The 28-year-old before his latest stunning win only ever managed to come as far as finishing runner-up in big-name events such as Sunday Million and SCOOP (Spring Championship of Online Poker) events.

And we all know how overrated “always a bridesmaid – never the bride” can eventually become.

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