PokerStars Apps Crash

By Ben Hamill - February 08 2022

PokerStars Apps Crash

Stars Group is known for real money apps such as Stars Casino, PokerStars, and FOXBet. Each site is well liked, at least when the software actually works. Twitter was abuzz with angry Poker players for an entire weekend, given that none of the company’s apps were working. It is highly unusual when this happens, not in the least due to the incredible loss of revenue. As of 6th February, it has been unclear when the apps will again be back in service, much to the chagrin of users.

When sites do unexpectedly go down there is always an element of concern. It isn’t uncommon that digital networks lose functionality due to security or data breaches, which can cause severe problems. But a Stars Group spokesperson has been quick to assure that this isn’t the case. Instead, the spokesperson simply claimed that the network went down due to unexpected maintenance issues.

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It was also emphasised that technicians are hard at work attempting to rectify the problem.

No Impact To Customer Accounts

The spokesperson elaborated that users are still even able to manage their accounts, with it just being the actual gambling part of the apps that are unresponsive. It was also specified that no impact is expected as far as account balances are concerned.

It was on Friday morning, 4th of February, that angry messages began to appear on Twitter. PokerStars responded to the outrage simply by saying that planned tournaments are being cancelled. Areas impacted included Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Michigan. Player response was, of course, not particularly positive. But little could be done, and those missing out on their favorite games could do nothing but go elsewhere for entertainment.

A Growing Conglomerate

It is certainly a shame that Stars Group is suffering technical difficulties, especially given that the company was rapidly gaining market territory. Recent reports say that FOXBet handled an impressive $56.3 million in Michigan alone. This makes the app the 7th most profitable out of a total of 14 licensed operators.

PokerStars and Stars Casino combined, meanwhile, brought in a total of $36.8 million in adjusted gaming revenue (AGR.) This ranks them as 8th amongst 14 operators.

In Pennsylvania the numbers are equally as impressive. FOXBet handled $85.8 million over the first 6 months of the 2021 fiscal year.

All in all, it couldn’t be a worse time for unexpected technical difficult. Just when the company seemed to be getting ahead, it will now certainly suffer a tremendous blow.