What Sort Of Poker Player Are You?

By Ben Hamill - August 10 2018

What poker player are you?

With the World Series Of Poker having come and gone, there has been more than the average amount of the game being played in general. Many of us are inspired by the tournament, and tend to jump online, perhaps in an attempt to prove that we are good enough to play with the big boys.

However, there is a time in every player’s life when they stop and ask themselves a very serious question. Just what sort of player am I, really? There are a number of categories that we card players fit into, and it helps to take a closer look from time to time, and decide exactly where we fit in.

Are we professional? Semi-professional? Healthy players? Obsessed?

Where do you fit in?

Are You Professional?

Many like to think of themselves as professional. It’s a good word with a nice ring to it, and so many will put themselves into this category, based more on ego than anything else. The truth, however, is this; you are only a professional if you earn your living playing the game. To really be pro, you need to be able to play against Daniel Negreanu and be able to hold your own.

The same can be said for the term semi-professional. If playing the game is not a significant part of your income, you are also not in this category. It’s as simple as that.

Professional poker player

Are You A Hobbyist?

Most of us are likely in this category; a hobbyist. You play a bit, enjoy yourself, and keep going back for more. Much as a golfer who has a few rounds every week refers to golf as a hobby, playing cards is a hobby if you spend some time playing on a regular basis, earn a bit, lose a bit, but generally have a good time.

Choosing Numbers for the Lottery

Though, the next question that might be asked is; how do you know if you are too into your poker, and it’s starting to become an unhealthy obsession? The answer is a fairly obvious one; if playing the game starts to negatively affect other parts of your life, you could start considering something as unhealthy. For the most part; playing a game like poker is most likely a healthy obsession, and a good place to spend energy. Plus, it could lead to some big wins and the chance to see your name in lights if you get good enough to take on the pros…

Lady poker player