Dan Sewnig Aiming For NJ Poker Pro Top Spot

By Ben Hamill - December 31 2020

Dan Sewnig Aiming For NJ Poker Pro Top Spot

Dan “mj23style” Sewnig says though he enjoys the occasional live tournament at venues like the Borgata and Parx, he considers himself a full-time professional online Poker player. Born and raised in New Jersey, the 29-year-old says he’s studying hard to become one of the state’s best online players.

Sewnig is part of a new breed of U.S. players making their money mostly out of regulated online markets. Having amassed over a million in online Poker earnings, he himself is emerging one of the most accomplished players from among his contemporaries. He’s become a regular face – not to mention one of the most successful young online Poker players – on the partypoker US Online Network.

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Started With Chris Moneymaker

Having first learnt the Texas Hold’em ropes from his cousin at age 11, Sewnig started out playing $5 SNGs with his friends.

He remembers how he had been spot-on in predicting Chris Moneymaker’s 2003 World Series of Poker win while at a friend’s house following the action on television. Unbeknownst to Sewnig at the time, the show he had been watching along with his friend’s family had been pre-recorded. When asked by his friend’s mom who he thought most likely to win out of the roughly 50 remaining players at the time, he had said that he had a “good feeling” about Moneymaker.

He recalls how the look his friend’s mom had given him at the time had seemed to him a look of her thinking that he didn’t know much – only to later realise that she already that Moneymaker had won. 

A Long And Winding Road

As for how Sewnig ended up passionate about playing online Poker, his story didn’t quite start out that way.

By 2014, having freshly graduated from Ramapo College with a degree in math and a major in education, Sewnig was ready to begin a career in teaching. The call of Poker was however a constant in his life and something he discovered not at all easy to ignore.

Having realised his passion for playing full-time Poker, he decided to give the New Jersey online Poker scene a go and hasn’t looked back since. Living in the Garden State with his girlfriend of two years, Sewnig now focuses his full attention on becoming one of the truly great online Poker players of his time.

As for who Sewnig thinks are the best of New Jersey’s online crown at this present time, he mentions names like Michael Gagliano, Sean Ruane, Jake Toole – and with honorable mention to WPT Online Series winner David Coleman. And given his current trajectory, his name too may very well soon rank among New Jersey’s cream of the online Poker crop.

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