Sahara Las Vegas Reopens Its Poker Room

By Ben Hamill - February 19 2020

Sahara Las Vegas Reopens Its Poker Room

This Valentine’s Day marked a special occasion for Vegas-based Poker enthusiasts. After 9 long years of having been closed, on February 14th the Sahara Las Vegas reopened its Poker room. The grand opening celebration is yet to come and will ensure that players and Poker fans are treated to fantastic giveaways, champagne and treats to eat. But the highlight of the opening event will without a doubt be the special celebratory bounty event.

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 What makes the reopening all that more special; exclusive even; is that the Sahara’s Poker room consists of no more than 7 tables. The idea is luxury and if the 16x9-foot LED video wall, strategically positioned television screens and beverages and food being served right at the tables are anything to go by, then mission accomplished. The tables too have been given the royal treatment, being not only spacious enough for players as well as their kibble and drinks for the evening, but also with the creature comfort of charging ports for mobile devices.

Action Around The Clock

At this rate, it is no surprise that cash games are hosted in such a way that they are permitted to continue round the clock and for as long as what players desire to play. What reason is there to get up, after all? The Sahara has made double sure that everything that could possibly be needed is available and on call.

The room’s official hours will be daily from 10am until 2am. But management has made it quite clear that this does not mean that any game will ever be interrupted because of official business hours. Some cash games played in the last almost-week have been known to carry on well past the break of day.

A Positive Response All Round

Even though the activities only commenced as recently as February 14th, the feedback has already been overwhelmingly positive. Comments made on forums involve everything from an appreciation for central location and free parking, to a love for Poker on the part of the Sahara’s management team.

The Sahara shut down its operations, including its Poker room, following the financial crash of 2011 and Black Friday. It’s only the second Vegas Poker room to have recommenced operation in recent times. The Westgate was the most recent casino to open a local room before the legendary Sahara followed suit on Valentine’s Day, and early reactions prove it will be a runaway success.

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