Rounders And The Hidden Lessons In Cheating

By Ben Hamill - May 13 2020

Rounders And The Hidden Lessons In Cheating

It’s no secret: Rounders has instilled itself dead centre into modern-day Poker culture. We’ve borrowed the taglines, we’ve adopted the adages – basically, we live and dream what we imagine it must be like to live the lives of the players portrayed by famous celebrity Poker players and Hollywood A-listers Edward Norton and Matt Damon. We also know now that if we can’t spot the sucker, chances are the sucker is “us”. Touché.

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But perhaps most appealing about the telling of the Rounders tale is that Hollywood has for the first time in perhaps forever, managed to actually tell the Poker story in the way it should be told. Its no surprise Poker great Daniel Negreanu has called for the making of a Rounders 2.

Somewhere Hidden In The Dialogue

And then of course, there’s the big X-factor – in this case; you guessed it; the insider cheating terminology presented in the form of dialogue to all who have ears with which to hear. The first of the two scenes are set thusly: the dialogue narrated by Damon, he and Ed Norton’s characters get ready to hustle a frat house Poker game of the elite variety. Read: money, money, money. Scene number 2: the dialogue narrated when Edward Norton’s Worm gets caught out dealing dirty whilst playing a gang of off-duty coppers.

And so, to narrow the two scenes down to a basic display or explanatory cheat-terminology, let us begin at the beginning. The first of the two scenes contain three highly usable cheat techniques: signalling, trapping and chip placing. All three cheats very much alive and well in today’s scene – this we know to be true. And the same goes for unadulterated sleight-of-hand eye foolery, by the way. But its in fact the second of the two scenes that really grabs the attention.

To Cheat Or Not To Cheat

The alert elite will have guessed what we’re about to point out by now: discard culls, pickup culls, overhand run ups and of course, the double duke. These range from sleight-of-hand Poker mechanics to brazenly relying on the drunken ignorance of others by seizing any opportunity possible to rummage through the muck when nobody’s looking.

It must at this point be said in no uncertain terms that what we’re writing about here is cheating. Or in other words, not exactly gentlemanly play. But at the same time, the message is clear: let him who has ears to hear, hear.

Mastering cheating is after all an art all unto itself.

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