Poker’s Ronnie Bardah May Be Next Survivor

By Ben Hamill - May 18 2019

Rumour Suggests Poker’s Bardah May Be On Survivor

The Poker world’s relationship with reality television shows; and especially the fight-for-survival brand, is nothing new. There certainly appears to be a fatal attraction between the two, and if rumour has it right, Poker’s WSOP bracelet winner Ronnie Bardah is next in line to have a go at becoming the last man standing after a crazy amount of physical suffering on the popular television show Survivor.

According to Live at the Bike producer Ryan Feldman, trustworthy sources have revealed to him that Bardah will be participating in the popular reality TV show’s 39th season. CBS are however keeping a tight lid on things, but Feldman said that his information has been confirmed by a rumoured cast list. Bardah, in the event of his indeed being headed in the direction of the (also rumoured new name) The Island of the Idols, isn’t saying so because he’s probably not at liberty to do so.

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Bardah Won’t Be Poker’s First

The new season will air in the fall, and participants are rumoured to have been battling it out on Fiji’s Mamanuca Islands. 20 castaways are said to have been part of the action, with previous ultimate survivors Rob Mariano and Sandra Diaz-Twine having acted as advisors to the two teams.

But despite the fact that it’s all at this stage based on pure speculation and hearsay yet, Poker does have a long-standing relationship with reality television shows. Jean-Robert Bellande describes his 1996 inclusion in Survivor China as one of the most challenging things he has ever had to do. Other members of Poker’s best to have participated in the survival games include Garrett Adelstein, Illari Sahamies, Jim Rice, Anna Kait and Jackie Glazier.

Bardah May Have What It Takes

If Bardah is indeed one of the show’s Season39-participants, then he has a large pair of shoes to fill indeed. The only pro player to ever have won any reality television challenge was Fatima Moreira de Melo. De Melo won the Belgian version of Survivor.

Bardah isn’t one to shy away from a challenge, at least not when it comes to playing Poker, which is in a way also a fight to survive long enough to be the last man standing (or sitting). He does, after all, hold the record for the most event cashes in a row. Perhaps he has what it takes to beat the ultimate bluff after all.

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