Relax Gaming Rakes In Top Poker Award

By Ben Hamill - February 10 2020

Relax Gaming Rakes In Top Poker Award

This year’s 2020 Gaming Intelligence (GI) Awards, a top-class casino games and entertainment awards event, has crowned none other than leading casino games and platform provider Relax Gaming with the highly sought-after Poker Supplier of the Year award. The criteria for the award involved everything from outperforming the market average, absolute consistency in quality as well as regarding solid and ongoing growth and last but certainly not least, the capacity to attract new player demographics.

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But Relax Gaming’s achievements for 2019 extended far beyond performance and innovation. The supplier last year did what no other platform has been able to do in years by having secured the rights to launch a new Poker platform in France – a country notoriously difficult to break into, especially as far as online gaming goes.

Determination Always Pays

And perhaps its Relax Gaming’s dead-set tenacity and unwavering desire to re-invigorate a market that has proved particularly challenging; near-impossible even; as a practicable and regulated casino vertical, that has not only ensured landmark success in online Poker, but has also attracted the attention of the administrators of the GI Awards.

But the journey has been about so much more than merely working towards success on the inter-company home front. Thanks to Relax Gaming’s desire to restore online Poker to a working and regulated European market, the company has managed to not only drive profits ever forward, but has also ensured 25 consecutive successful quarters for partner Kindred, since the last-mentioned launched operations back in 2014.

Online Poker Is For All

What Relax Gaming has in effect done, was to widen the appeal of online Poker beyond high rollers only. High-stakes Poker has dominated the online scene for quite some time what with many operators having adopted the particularly negative stance that less is more when more money is being spent at once.

This has proved a flawed theory over and over again. Every-day players are the folks who make the wheels of the bus go round and Relax Gaming has repeatedly proved this to the markets. The latest performance report by the leading content provider has served to debunk the fallacy that online Poker is exclusively intended for big spenders - yet again. What Relax Gaming has and is still doing for online Poker is nothing short of commendable and the type of game-changing attitude that is well and truly deserving of a coveted and authentic world-class award.

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