Red Dead Redemption Players Complain About Poker Access

By Ben Hamill - May 25 2019

Red Dead Redemption Players Complain About Poker Access

Proper regulation is the backbone of the gambling industry, but needless to say, it can at times be a real party-pooper. Or in this case, a real Poker-pooper. Rockstar Games, product owners of Red Dead Online and Red Dead Redemption 2, were recently bombarded with questions from players wanting to know why they were not able to gain access to the new Poker game that had been release as part of a new beta update.

The update, in addition to the new Poker game, also includes several bug-fixers, some new content and also re-balanced weapons and combat abilities. But, says Rockstar, players were mainly concerned about why they weren’t able to access the Poker. The game enables players to invite their friends to a private table in order to play a hand or two. As an alternative, they may also opt to instead join a public game of cards, where the stakes are much higher.

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Not A Bug To Blame

The players, upon having discovered that they were not able to access the Poker service, immediately logged a query with Rockstar; with most of them assuming that they had encountered a bug in the software. Great was their disappointment when Red Dead replied that it wasn’t a bug, but regulatory restrictions instead, that had prevented them from gaining access to the game.

Rockstar apologised to the players and explained that Poker wasn’t legal in countries where online gambling wasn’t authorised. As a result, only some of Red Dead Online’s players would be able to access the update; depending on where in the world they were located, of course.

The Virtual Divide

The real issue appears to be the controversy surrounding the mode of acceptable tender on the Red Dead games platform. Red Dead’s Poker; even in countries where online gambling is perfectly legal; isn’t played with real money. Players use a type of virtual tender instead; a tender that is paid for in gold. The gold is paid for with real money, but there isn’t at any point the option to “cash out real money”.

It may very well be that Red Dead Online is treading carefully as a result of the greater loot box controversy. Regulators all over the world have started to crack down on all of the little by-ways employed by operators to side step various rules and regulations.

It may be as simple as Rockstar Games not being willing to overstep any boundaries.

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