New Online Poker Jackpot Win Recorded

By Ben Hamill - February 16 2022

New Online Poker Jackpot Win RecordedProfessional Poker players around the world are starting to pay attention to a previously unknown site. Called CoinPoker, the crypto based digital venue has seen a steady climb in record breaking pots. The most recent, snagged by Antanas “Tony G” Guoga, was a staggering $7,750,652. This is the biggest online Poker pot in history, far surpassing the previous record. Though, given that CoinPoker seems to be a magnet for higher rollers, it may not be long before a new record is set.

Tony G was going head to head with an unidentified player known as HannibalGetya. The game was three-handed Pot Limit Omaha (PLO,) and the betting limits set at a rather steep $5,000/$10,000. So although the site is certainly setting records, those that want to get in on the action better have a few $100,000 lying around to be a part of the action going.

Either way, the previous record sat at $1.8 million. It also came courtesy of Tony G, though at the time he was going head to head with Leon Tsoukernik.

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The High Roller Hangout

Although it is shocking to see online Poker dishing out multi-millions, the situation should be examined more closely. CoinPoker has seen a massive spike in activity lately, thanks to it apparently becoming the new hangout for high rollers. In fact, with Russia’s Timofey Kuznetsov and Hungary’s Laszlo Bujtas throwing cash at one another like it was so much confetti, it was only a matter of time before records were broken.

As far as CoinPoker itself is concerned, the site isn’t really anything special. The only real drawing card is that it allows payments to be made in cryptocurrency. This in itself isn’t really much of a benefit, but rather simply an option as far as transactions are concerned. So why Poker pros are specifically choosing it is a bit of a mystery.

Long Time Advocate

Though, it probably has a great deal to do with Tony G himself being an advocate of cryptocurrency. This in turn is linked to the fact that he not only founded, but also helped establish a blockchain center in his native Lithuania.

Tony G better watch his back, however, as it seems as if other big names in game are jumping on the bandwagon. Phil Ivey has recently been promoting Virtue Poker, and PokerFi has stepped up its game by pushing another virtual buzzword; non-fungible tokens (NFT.)