Psychic Predicts Poker Game

By Ben Hamill - May 02 2021

Psychic Predicts Poker Game

Calling for specific cards is nothing new in Poker. But when someone correctly calls every single card to complete a perfect trifecta, the world tends to sit up and take notice. And that’s exactly what happened when American player and clairvoyant Troy Clogston eliminated Don Iyengar on the final table of Event #12 of the Lone Star Poker Series recently live streamed on PokerGO. 

The hand that was played wasn’t at all remarkable. Clogston held but Jacks against Iyengar’s Ace-Jack. What was however absolutely mind-boggling was how Troy Clogston with perfect accuracy called every last card on the run-out, thereby securing a third-place finish in the event.

Clogston’s odds of achieving this remarkable feat was a mind-blowing 4,350,059 to 1.

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All Relative In The End

The idea of “coincidence” is a strange and oftentimes spooky thing. Evens so, what Clogston had managed to pull off can, at least to some extent, be explained in statistical probability terms.

Statistical anomalies, strange and captivating to the human mind though they may be, not to mention novel, do happen. And not only when Poker cards are involved.

Back in 2001, a woman named Laura Buxton tied a note to a red balloon on the occasion of her grandparents’ wedding anniversary. Buxton included in her note her name and also her address, calling on whoever found the balloon to write to her. After the balloon was released, it travelled 140 miles from where it had been released in Stoke-on-Trent, to Milton Lilbourn, in Wiltshire. There, it was discovered by farmer Andy Rivers.

Knowing that his neighbours had a daughter named Laura Buxton, Rivers decided to pass the balloon on to them, whereafter Peter and Eleanor prompted their daughter to write to her namesake balloon-writer. She, of course, did, which ultimately saw the beginning of a friendship with a truly curious beginning.

The story of the two Laura’s was eventually featured in a segment on Ripley’s Believe It or Not.

No Such Thing As Coincidence

Another case of “coincidence”, and certainly one that boggled believers in the Martingale system beyond belief, was an incident that took place at Monaco’s Casino de Monte-Carlo in August 1913.

It was a night among nights for the house after the Roulette ball landed on black an incredible 26 consecutive times. Gamblers that night lost millions over their belief in the Gambler’s Fallacy – a theory that falsely dictates that past events must necessarily determine future events.

The odds of the ball landing 26 consecutive times on black? 136,823,184 to 1.

These things happen. Just ask Poker’s Troy Clogston.

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