Settlement Sparks Postle, Kuraitis Reaction

By Ben Hamill - September 17 2020

Settlement Sparks Postle, Kuraitis Reaction

Now that a part-settlement has been reached in the Postlegate scandal involving disgraced Poker cheat Mike Postle and Sacramento-based Stones Gambling Hall, it appears as if both Postle and Stones supervisor Justin Kuraitis are eager to re-assert all over again their supposed innocence.

Postle is of course the man accused of having cheated his fellow cash game players at Stones out of hundreds of thousands of dollars in potential winnings. That many of his questionable hands were captured on livestream not only led to whistle-blower Veronica Brill and several big-name Poker-pros calling shenanigans on Postle, but also to the implication of Stones supervisor Justin Kuraitis in the entire sordid affair.

And now that at least 60 of the 80 plaintiffs in the court case have reportedly agreed to accept a “nominal” amount in return for their willingness not to pursue the matter any further, Postle and Kuraitis have for the first time in many months broken their silence – with Kuraitis doubling down on the innocence of Mike Postle all over again.

Not that the Poker community is in any way convinced.

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Wild Documentary Will Reveal All

Save for a lone interview granted to Mike Matusow on “The Mouthpiece”, during which Postle basically stuck with his innocence story, he’s been hiding from everything and everyone – not excluding a messenger of the court attempting to serve on him a legal summons.

He recently crawled a little further out of hiding via a text- messaged statement to a prominent Poker publication. In his text Postle alludes to a so-called “17+ year story” he’s apparently in the process of revealing to 25/7 Productions’ Dave Bloom. The latter, continues Postle, will soon be producing a “wild” documentary for all the world to see.

Which is of course textbook self-vindicating Mike Postle.

Kuraitis The Injured Party

Kuraitis, in the meantime, resorted to a four page-long essayed text for painting himself innocent and falsely accused by the Poker community at large.

Referring in his text to a propaganda machine created by Joey Ingram and Veronica Brill, Kuraitis is in his text seen switching between accusing the latter of having a penchant for self-created drama, and Ingram of resorting to internet bullying in an attempt to boost his own popularity ratings.

But again, the Poker community isn’t convinced, with the general response perhaps best summarised by Poker personality Doug Polk, who on Twitter explained Kuraitis and Polk’s innocence being the result of a legal system incapable of determining whether or not someone has been cheating at Poker.

Kuraitis reportedly remains employed by Stones.

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