Mike Postle Suing His Critics For Damages

By Ben Hamill - October 08 2020

Mike Postle Suing His Critics For Damages

In an unexpected turn of events, alleged Stones Gambling House cheater Mike Postle has turned plaintiff in his own legal matter raised against certain members of the Poker community. The man previously accused of having bamboozled hundreds of fellow Stones House players out of their hard-earned cash, is now seeking damages for defamation of character.

Even though Postle not too long ago agreed to a settlement in the class action lawsuit instituted against him, which certainly implies at least a measure of an admission of guilt on his part, he now seems to have to his own mind, graduated from offender to a victim hard-done-by and deserving of justice.

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Postle Turns Himself Victim

Postle reportedly motivates his application for damages payable as justified by his reputation as a legitimate Poker player having been damaged and tarnished beyond repair by his critics. These include whistleblower Veronica Brill, Canadian Poker star and GGPoker ambassador Daniel Negreanu, Doug Polk, and Phil Galfond. Others cited as Defendants in Postle’s application include ESPN Inc., Todd Witteles, and Run It Once, Inc.

Postle is obviously feeling called out for his sins and shenanigans and has decided to retaliate in an effort to show himself the victim instead of the predator.

The entire debacle originated from accusations and comments made by several people connected with Postle and with Sacramento’s Stones Gambling Hall – many who have suggested that Postle may have been cheating by looking constantly at a mobile phone laying on his crotch during livestreamed games. A baseball cap worn at the time has also been called out by some as having been kitted out with a microphone feeding him edge-gaining information.

Suing The Whistleblower

Despite Postle having stuck with his story and maintained his innocence all throughout, several high-profile Poker professional players have in the meantime studied the live-streamed video footage of the games involving Mike Postle. Most have agreed that Postle had repeatedly played the kinds of hands beyond “reasonable levels” given the information he would have had at his disposal had he in fact not been cheating.

Initial whistleblower Veronica Brill has in the meantime set up a gofundme to help cover her legal expenses now that she too will have to defend her involvement in Postlegate. Her crowdfunding initiative quickly attracted financial support to the tune of the $20,000 initially sought by her – with Poker billionaire Bill Perkins reportedly having contributed the last of the necessary funds.

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