Postle Enlists HONR Network For Legal Aid

By Ben Hamill - March 23 2021

Postle Enlists HONR Network For Legal Aid

Mike Postle is clearly determined to be considered the real victim in his response to the anti-SLAPP motions filed by Veronica Brill and Todd Witteles. So much so, that he’s taken steps to enlist the help of the HONR Network – a group founded by a parent of one of the children that died in the 2012 Sandy Hook mass shooting, and that helps people who have been the victims of online abuse.

Originally scheduled to have been heard by the court on February 10-11, an attorney-less Postle requested a postponement, and was granted a time extension until March 18. Then, on the second due date, Postle once again requested a further postponement, and for the same reason. He this time requested six months but received only 33 more days.

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Background Noise

Postle in October last year filed a $360 million defamation lawsuit against several Poker broadcasters and professional players, claiming that his good name and professional reputation had been severely tarnished by their actions.

Just some of the persons and companies Postle cited as part of his respondents’ roll include ESPN, Daniel Negreanu, Joey Ingram, Run It Once, Upswing Poker, Todd Whittles, Veronica Brill, and PokerNews. Claims made by Postle include Defamation (slander as well as libel per se), Trade Libel, Unfair Competition, the Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress and/or Suffering, and False Light (reputational damage).

Postle had initially secured the legal counsel services of attorney Steven T. Lowe, but after Lowe applied to be relieved from his representation on January 14, was left alone and to fend for himself. Lowe defended his application to be relieved by explaining that Postle had been nowhere to be found or contacted ever since November 3.

Postle Wants Even More Time

During Postle’s recent March 19-appearance, when asked directly by a Sacramento Court Judge when he (Postle) expected to be in a position to have secured legal counsel, he answered by saying that he anticipated to have someone briefed within the next “couple” of weeks.

Postle supported his request for a postponement by claiming that his search for suitable legal counsel had now led him to believe that a search wider than the greater Sacramento area would be required. His initial request for a continuance of 3 or 4 months was chiseled down to 33 days after the judge was reminded by Eric Bensamochan, legal counsel to Todd Witteles, that Postle had in fact had time since last December to come up with due and proper representation.

The saga is set to continue on April 20.

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