Mike Postle Poker Lawsuit Not All That Simple

By Ben Hamill - October 20 2019

A just call of judgement in any conceivable argument, or legal argument as it in this case were, depends on various factors, with the most important of all being a proper understanding of the fact relating to the merits of the matter. Or in the case of Mike Postle, a clear-cut; technical even; understanding of the finer nuances of Poker.

Its of course at this point that all red flags are out as it may be argued that many players themselves do not understand the intricate technicalities, barring the true pros of course. Which brings us to the true conundrum that is building a tight case against the Poker community’s least favourite cheat and fishy player; a feat that may not be as evidentially obvious as reasonably expected by any one of the hundreds of players who happened to see the Postle videos analysed by Joey Ingram and Doug Polk.

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 Freedom Even For The Guilty

The fact that Postle may very well at the end of the day leave the presence of the judge and jury a free citizen may be a particularly bitter pill to swallow by the Poker community at large, made all the worse by the fact that he may end up coming away completely unscathed even in the event that he is found guilty of having cheated. Which of course he did. But there’s another side to the story and it’s the very safeguard that protects US citizens from being punished as a result of false and/or fabricated accusations.

The first and foremost challenge in the case against Postle is that the burden of proof with regards to the actual evidence is on the Plaintiffs. What this effectively comes down to is that even in the event of Postle having nothing to offer whatsoever in the way of proving his innocence, he will still prevail in the event that those who intend on calling him to task for his actions do not present sufficient evidence to the jury.

Not All Jurors Play Poker

Which of course brings us to the motherload of all challenges: the jury. Jurors are human, after all. Many don’t want to be there in the first place, having been summoned away from everyday life in manner many regard as being rather intrusive. In other words, they’re kicking and screaming on the inside. Oh, and falling asleep and dozing off to boot.

And then of course there’s the little matter of having to understand Poker to even begin to make a proper judgement call regarding whether or not Postle had actually cheated his way towards hundreds of unjustified wins at the expense of his fellow players.

Between jurors not knowing their big blinds from their all-ins and a case erring dangerously ever nearer to relying on purely circumstantial evidence, Mike Postle may well soon be free to play another day.

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