Doug Polk’s Trash Talk Falls Flat Ahead of Negreanu Game

By Ben Hamill - October 19 2020

Doug Polk’s Trash Talk Falls Flat Ahead of Negreanu Game

There’s now less than a fortnight remaining until Doug Polk and Daniel Negreanu’s heads-up match on PokerGO. And judging by Doug Polk’s pre-game trash talk, his intention of taking out the trash is nothing more than fear talking, with the entire thing smacking of the pre-hype ahead of the UFC’s 2017 money fight between Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather.

Polk seems to be determined to poke the hornet’s nest this time round, insisting on the use of cheat sheets during the game – a scamping about that he obviously banked on bringing out the worst in his opponent. The Canadian Poker-pro however remained classy, urging his trash-talking rival to do the same and refusing to take the bait being flung about all over the show.

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Match-Day Conditions

Negreanu also showed no fear setting out for Polk his conditions of play:

  1. No charts to be used or help to be had from outside sources or people during play. Charts may be looked at in between sessions.
  2. The showing of hole cards at intervals during the match, which will be broadcast live at the PokerGO studio.

Polk agreed to the conditions set out by Negreanu but clearly could not resist the temptation to hang about on Twitter after the fact to throw back and forth a couple of balls of no-care insults with members of the Poker-streaming public.

In response to Luke Dempsey’s remark regarding all the angry insulting and how it didn’t exactly look good on Polk, the latter described the upcoming stand-off as his final hurrah, saying that he’s now officially done everything he’s always wanted to (in Poker) and that all that remained now was to take out the trash (a.k.a. Negreanu).

The Format And The Kitty

The game to be played will be No-Limit Hold’em and battled out across two tables of $200 - $400 heads-up, with Daniel “Kid Poker” Negreanu already confirmed to have done his bit by depositing his starting million with

The commentator on the big taking out of the trash heads-up war and saga will be Kane Kalas, with the game obviously scheduled to stream on the World Series of Poker’s site.

The feud between Polk and Negreanu is of course nothing new or out of the ordinary. It all started about four years ago when the Canadian argued in favor of a PokerStars rake increase, motivating his push by pointing out how higher rake essentially weeds out the predators and attracts more rec players to the game. The Canadian has mostly held back from returning the insults that followed from Polk’s end of the table, with Polk even at one stage in 2018 referring to the Canadian as an embarrassment to the game.

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