Bill Perkins Calls Time On Grudge Match

By Ben Hamill - November 20 2020

Bill Perkins Calls Time On Grudge Match

Fans and followers of Canadian Poker player Daniel Negreanu and Doug “Truck Driver” Polk and their rather bizarre Grudge Match were this week treated to the stuff that makes of Poker such an entertaining experience – on as well as away from the felt. Everyone was surprised when millionaire businessman and amateur Poker player Bill Perkins – who just to happens to have a bet hanging on the action – temporarily interrupted the proceedings by accusing Polk of having contravened the rules of the game by gathering data on historical hands.

 Even after a private discussion, followed by a game of to-and-fro on Twitter, Polk and Perkins still appeared in disagreement over what exactly Polk had done wrong. Polk, true to his nature, seemed to take quite a bit of offense at essentially having been accused of cheating by failing to stick to the agreed terms.

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Negreanu Explains

Negreanu has in the meantime tweeted an explanation of exactly what had happened, since according to him, many have managed to get it all completely wrong.

Though many online Poker sites allow players to download and make use of historical hand analysis software, the use of any such software or analysis with the help of external aids are against the terms and conditions of And since theirs was the platform agreed upon, the Grudge Match agreement included playing according to the terms and conditions and general rules as determined by the WSOP, explained Negreanu. To this extent, Dough Polk seems to have indeed overstepped the boundaries.

The long-time rivals have since resumed playing, with Doug Polk currently enjoying a marginal lead.

Why All The Fuss?

The use of so-called external player assistance programs and software are as controversial a topic of debate as they come.

Though most Poker assistance software programs do no more than help a player to analyse information already to known to him or her, this sort of “help”, when used by one player in a heads-up kind of deal but not by the other, can definitely help create an unfair advantage.

 The debate between the proponents of the use of historical hands-tracking software and those opposed to it can often be seen turning emotional – with new and inexperienced online Poker players the ones left drawing the shortest straw. Not only do they find themselves up against a more experienced human opponent, but also against a computer capable of analysing every hand ever played in the history of online Poker - something that’s enough to discourage anyone from playing, really.

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