Negreanu And Polk Talk About Grudge Match Rules

By Ben Hamill - October 09 2020

Negreanu And Polk Talk About Grudge Match Rules

They’re ready to launch, say Poker champs Daniel Negreanu and Doug Polk. Having in July agreed to a heads-up style Poker grudge match, it now seems they’ve finished hashing out the final details.

The so-called grudge match will consist of two simultaneous tables in play – on one table will be played $200 No-Limit Hold’em, and on the other, $400 No-Limit Hold’em. The heads-up match will consist of a total of 25,000 hands played – with the 12,500 halfway point being also the only point at which the losing player will be allowed to opt out, cut his losses, and run away - possibly crying.

The halfway mark will also afford to the contenders the opportunity to increase the stakes.

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How It Will Work

The stacks, so declared the pair recently on Twitter, will start out at 100 big blinds. These will automatically be topped-off in the event that they happen to fall below the 100 big-blind level. This will ensure that each player stays sufficiently stacked all throughout.

Confirmed to commence on November 1st, play is expected to cover four days a week, and up to two hours per day. This according to Canadian Poker-pro Daniel Negreanu’s suggestion and availability. The pair hasn’t yet made public any set schedule.

The match will be played on - likely mainly because of the fact that both contenders live in Las Vegas and can therefore play at home in such an instance. Negreanu obviously lobbied hard for the competition to be contested on GGPoker, to which online Poker domain he is official brand ambassador. Playing on GGPoker would however have required out-of-country travel due to regional restrictions. 

The grudge will be streamed also on PokerGO.

How It All Got Started

The grudge match is well-known to have been a long time in the making and the culmination of years of rivalry and even a bit of bad blood between the two players.

It all started with Negreanu having in 2014 declared himself confident that he could – with just a bit of practice – become a champion high stakes online cash games player. Polk, at the time a leading online heads-up player, responded to the traditionally live Poker specialist player’s declaration by calling him naïve.

Then, when Polk spoke out against the Canadian’s recent live-streamed tirade that ultimately got him banned from Twitch, the fat finally fell good and proper into the fire.

Typically eager to turn any old party into an excuse to play Poker, popular vlogger Joey Ingram wasted no time suggesting the two finally settle their squabble on the online felt.

Which is exactly what they now plan to do.

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