PokerStars Announces Free Passes For 2020

By Ben Hamill - August 30 2019

PokerStars Announces Free Passes For 2020

PokerStars is upping the tournament ante. The operator is going all in on a repeat stunt of the pure Poker Platinum Pass European Poker Tour celebration that made news headlines in 2018. Many were left wondering whether the operator would be doing it again this year, affording amateurs and pros the opportunity of playing in events they would never before have imagined being able to participate in.

The 2018 Platinum Pass giveaway was without a shadow of a doubt one of the most ambitions and significant give-aways yet to have been spearheaded by any operator. It turned out to be a roaring success. This January’s $25,000 buy-in PokerStars Players No-Limit Hold’em Championship in the Bahamas was the embodiment of all that the brand had hoped to achieve by dishing out for free the opportunity of a lifetime.

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Barcelona’s Good News

The European Poker Tour Barcelona is currently underway and proved the perfect announcement platform to confirm that we’re in for more of the same this year. Last year saw a total of 320 passes to the value of $30,000 each being handed out for free. What ensued was one of the largest rake-free tournaments ever played in the world of competitive Poker as well as the biggest $25k high roller event ever played.

It was in many ways a high-roller event for non-high-roller players. And needless to say, the merriment knew no bounds as players who never in their wildest dreams would have imagined being able to play a high-stakes tournament took to public forums in order to rave endlessly on about the opportunity afforded to them.

More To Follow In 2020

Last year, two of the qualifiers final-tabled at the high-stakes event and turned out to be the makings of two industry names that won’t easily be forgotten, if only for the incredible spirit behind the special giveaway.

Spain’s Ramon Colillas won that particular event and left the final table with $5.1 million safely tucked into his digital wallet. But more significant perhaps is the fact that Colillas turned out to be a true PokerStars poster child in the making. Colillas was joined by fellow qualifier Marc Rivera of the Philippines. Rivera finished that particular event in third place and got to leave the scene $2,168,000 the richer for it.

Its no surprise then the mad reaction that ensued after it was announced that a repeat giveaway is in the pipeline for 2020. Here’s looking forward to more millionaires in the making!

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