PokerStars To Open 1st Pennsylvania Online Poker Room

By Ben Hamill - November 02 2019

PokerStars To Open 1st Pennsylvania Online Poker RoomSource:

PokerStars wants to do Poker, and specifically, online Poker. The Stars Group’s flagship brand is about to have its wish come true in Pennsylvania and will come Monday 4 November, launch the state’s very first online Poker room. Despite online Poker having been legal since 2017, no operator has managed to successfully launch an online room since then. But if any one operator is able to make a success of it, then that operator is without a doubt The Stars Group’s PokerStars.

The initial step will be a test phase, confirmed Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board spokesperson Douglas Harbach, who also said that the necessary staff tasked with ensuring that everything runs smoothly on the Monday launch-date are already on the ready. Along with first-up PokerStars, staff will also be overseeing a second launch on the same day, namely the online casino games platform belonging to Mount Airy Casino.

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A Double Whammy Launch

The idea with the double-launch, said Harbach, is to essentially bump online Poker up and into the online sphere. Nobody knows better than the regulator’s representative exactly how bad things can potentially go once they begin to go wrong during the initial test-phase. In most cases, a completely rocked boat is the natural outcome. And so at least if something were to go amiss on Mount Airy’s side of things, it will serve as a due and pre-emptible warning to PokerStars.

All 7 of the licensed casinos in the state are at liberty to launch their own online Poker rooms, but most have elected to play a game of “wait and see”. Many typical land-based casinos are afraid to forage into the online world, but those who do, won’t ever look back, which really should serve as a motivation to others.

No Problems Anticipated

PokerStars will start out on Monday by performing a soft launch of its online Poker room. During the initial period, the operator will conduct a public test. This includes involving members of the public to try out the games and have their say about it too.

Should no major hiccups be experienced during the initial public rest phase, PokerStars will very soon be launching the full product. Chances are near non-existent that an initial caveat will be the outcome of things on Monday as PokerStars is after all the lading force in online Poker rooms.

Here’s to many more years of a stunning and rewarding online Pennsylvania presence to come.

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