Poker’s Top 6 Practical Benefits

By Ben Hamill - July 30 2018

Suave poker player

Due to its exciting skill-based nature, many poker players have called for their favourite game to be treated differently to other gambling games in general. From a regulatory perspective to a personal one, there are actually many clear benefits to playing – aside from the fact that it hones your bluffing skills for those times when they come in handy!

Below are 10 of the strongest arguments for indulging in a game or 2 on a regular basis…

#6: Enhances Feedback Skills

Studies have concluded that poker encourages its players to think logically and understand the actions of others, while discouraging impulsive decisions. Quick feedback at the table means that you learn these skills rapidly, whether it’s from trial and error or careful thinking. These learning patterns often expand to different areas of the brain as well, sharpening your logic and reasoning all around.

#5: Develops Math Abilities

Math may have been a tedious subject for most in high school, but poker seems to make grasping mathematical concepts easier for many of its players. All of the most successful professional players have an excellent grasp of maths as it pertains to the game, providing incentive for you to play more and gain the same understanding to maximize your winning chances.

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#4: Improves Concentration

Solving problems both in poker and real-life requires the acquisition of the right information. Poker is the one casino game that actually develops these information-gathering skills, especially when it comes to concentration and picking up small details that could help you gain the upper hand in your round.

#3: Boosts Patience

Impatience just won’t do in the world of poker. Although many of today’s players live in the fast lane, this game requires careful concentration and deliberation – and patience often pays off big when you are pitted against more impatient participants too.

#2: Teaches Long-Term Focus

Research has proven that shortsightedness and focusing on immediate rewards leads to far more negative consequences than considering the future and how your actions may impact it.

Making choices with positive long-term impacts (EV) is essential to playing, as it’s a known fact that enough positive EV plays will likely win you the game in the long run.

Sneak peek of poker cards

#1: Hones Planning Skills

Just like considering the long term, planning is the foundation of any great performance. The game hones your ability to plan for a wide range of time periods, including this specific round, your current hand, the game as a whole, the tournament you may be playing in, and even the year in advance.

This all requires anticipation of what your competitors will do, as well as setting immediate and more distant objectives. Get this right and you could be one of Canada’s best players in the space of a few short years!

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