Holz And Eibinger Have Cracked The Pokercode

By Ben Hamill - October 06 2019


When high-stakes GTO Poker pros open their pie holes, it’s time to listen up. Even if “listening up” will set you back at least $1,549. What high-stakes players Fedor Holz and Matthias Eibinger are proposing is no gamble. The two players have paired up and compiled a specialised Poker Hold’em training course called Pokercode and what the package purports to do is to teach recreational players as well those interested on ramping it up GTO style, everything that there is to know about pre-flop, post-flop, and flop-to-river.

The 60 lectures supposedly cover both live as well as online play and according to the two pro-Poker creators, is a commentary on every mistake that they personally have ever made. There are many to speak of, say the duo, and others are now invited to truly learn from the best in the business. Half of the strategy-teaching duo does after all consist of the Number 1 player in the world as of 2016. This is no amateur attempt at freeing up some cash.

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Knowing What Others Don’t

The pair have said that what they hope to achieve with the course is to teach those who are eager to learn the highways and byways and all of the necessary skills in order to know what “no one else does”. This isn’t just some collection of old hashed-out information already out there somewhere on a slew of public domains and forums. On the contrary, this is brand new information that has never been shared before.

The duo claims Pokercode to be the most extensive and elaborate Poker course in the world today and the videos will take viewers on a journey through every conceivable style and hand of play. Those willing to part with the cash will also receive a specially branded hoodie as well as some other “goodies” in return for their vote of confidence.

Learning From The Best

The slightly steep fee aside, let it be said that it would be near impossible to find two more capable teachers when looking to learn how to not only play, but play for profit. Pokercode’s Number 1 selling point is without a doubt the fact that Fedor Holz and Matthias Eibinger have been and still are living the pro-Poker dream.

The course material has nothing to do with book knowledge. Instead the some 60 lectures contain the secrets to the trade as Holz and Eibinger see it. And no better way to “see” than by taking a peek through a looking glass and into the world of actual global success in Poker.

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