Potential Birth Of The First Poker Union

By Ben Hamill - September 13 2021

Potential Birth Of The First Poker Union

Professional Poker players are known to be a disorganised, potentially even difficult group of individuals. In fact, Poker pros are sometimes so strange in their behavior that organising them has been referred to as herding cats. Rob Yong, however, thinks that the industry could do with a proper union. He recently put forward a pledge of $1.2 million, saying that the cash could be used to fund, and support a professional unifying of the industry.

Yong, although a high stakes player himself, is perhaps better known as being the owner of the Dusk till Dawn cardroom, owner of Party Poker Live Supremo, and co-founder of Luxon Pay. What he also is, however, is a loud, unflinching voice in the industry. He recently took to Twitter to run a poll, asking professional players around the world if they felt they would benefit from being in a cohesive union.

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The Poll

The poll that Yong ran on Twitter had a surprisingly robust response. 2381 took the time to give an official opinion, and of that number only 1548 said that they thought it was a good idea. 500 were upfront about their misgivings, declaring that it would very likely be a total waste of time. 333 said that they didn’t really care one way or the other, which is roughly the same as saying it would be a waste of time.

Though, perhaps the lukewarm reception is due to the fact that this isn’t the first time that someone has suggested a unified industry. Another well-known name, Patrick Leonard, made a similar suggest last year, likewise putting forward the idea that there was a need for unity. In his own Tweet, which went Live in May 2020, he made a call for a union, specifically pointing out that the industry was being squeezed dry by greedy gambling sites. He stressed that if steps are not taken to keep online Poker sustainable, it wouldn’t be long before it collapsed entirely.

A Tall Order

Although Yong clearly has the best interests of the game at heart, many are saying that he is fighting a losing battle. The fact of the matter is that, on a global scale, it is extremely difficult to try and manage Poker effectively. Various countries have multiple different regulations, meaning that as sites attempt to abide by regulations, they ultimately land up having to adjust their approach again in a matter of months.

Hence, it isn’t clear what having unified players would achieve.