Poker Re-Embraces An Era Of Education

By Ben Hamill - February 25 2021

Poker Re-Embraces An Era Of Education

The world of Poker has passed through its fair share of historical paradigms. Poker players have traditionally made use of a wide variety of tools and resources in an attempt to better understand the game, as well as increase their levels of success.

Poker’s biggest educative platforms have traditionally been learning the rules and finer nuances of the game from books, training videos, and even players hashing out historical hands with friends. And while all of these have served a purpose to some extent, a very interesting new approach could recently be seen rearing its head, namely solver learning.

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The Good And The Bad

Solver learning is definitely not without its uses. Computer “Poker solver” solutions such as MonkerSolver, Simple Postflop, and PioSolver do all have their uses, and certainly are very much a part of the modern player’s approach and strategy.

But even though solvers could potentially bring about GTO (game theory optimal), thereby removing the guesswork out of the playing of optimal hands of Poker, this too stops short of not passing the envelope. Players ultimately want to be able to achieve the outcomes worked by solver programs themselves, and many actually frown up on the use of software for determining optimal strategy.

Since Poker is a game of skill and strategy, the argument is that some solver tools could be misconstrued as a form of cheating – and especially so when some parties may have access to solver software, and some others not. This has led to the emergence of two camps: those who believe in the use of solvers, and those who view GTO software as having the potential to rob the game of its very essence.  

Poker Comes Full Circle

The good news, however, is that the wonderfully exciting world of Poker seems to be tracing its steps back to an era of actual education and training.

Relite Poker training site Run It Once recently unveiled a 160-video Poker training series by British pro-player Patrick “Pads” Leonard. Priced at a special introductory offering of $699 for a limited time, the material covers over 80 hours of instruction and career-Poker coaching. And this from a man who has coached over 1,000 prominent players throughout his own wagering career.

That Leonard has a combined $15 million in live and online tournament winnings to his name, if anything, is what should be prompting folks to take notice. He’s a living and breathing example of Poker success, and one willing to share his journey with those desiring knowledge.

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