Poker’s Staples Brothers Share Their Secrets

By Ben Hamill - April 06 2021

Poker’s Staples Brothers Share Their Secrets

Poker brothers Matt and Jaimie Staples have long been stalwarts in the world of streaming, and the partypoker associates recently revealed what they deem to be the secret to their convincing success on attracting traffic to their Twitch profiles.

Jaime, who was recently seen streaming Day 2 of the partypoker MILLIONS Online Main Event, is an avid Poker supporter, as is brother Matt Staples. Both have been enormously successful at not only streaming, but specifically streaming Poker content. And according to the Staples brothers, this is exactly the secret to their success: the realisation that content is king.

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Content Is Everything

This also happens to be the Staples brothers’ message to aspiring Poker streamers.

Since any streaming career will take some time to really gain momentum, explains Matt, it is important to realise right from the start that content is everything. At the odd chance of someone stopping by your “unknown” profile and ramblings, you’ll want to be talking about something and be heard telling a story. And it doesn’t really matter what you’re creating, says Jaimie, just as long as you’re constantly and consistently telling and sharing your story with others.

According to Matt, it really is all about the storyline. The secret to keep people coming back time and time again, is to create an ongoing storyline that folks are able to follow and emotionally invest in. Keeping at it by keeping the storyline going and alive is much more important than investing in a bunch of expensive lights, cameras, and backdrops, but having no story to tell or real content to offer, say the brothers. A basic webcam and table are enough when just starting out.

Keep On Keeping On

As for how to hold on to an audience once they’ve shown an interest, the brothers say consistency of broadcasting is the key to success.

Staying regular with your broadcasts will prompt viewers to return and keep checking back in to see whether you’ve loaded new content. This staying regular, says Matt, is in his opinion the one thing that ensures growth and longevity.

Helpful also is to every week show up around the same time and on the same days. Sticking to a consistent schedule will help people to look for you because they’ll known exactly when to tune in to hear you streaming. No matter whether you’re streaming Poker or other content, success belongs to those who keep at it, say the Staples brothers.

Not unlike mastering Poker, then.

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