Patrick Pads Leonard Blows Points Whistle

By Ben Hamill - May 03 2021

Patrick Pads Leonard Blows Points Whistle

Patrick “Pads” Leonard has shown himself to be a true sportsman after blowing the whistle on a points mistake that saw him mistakenly topping the PokerStars SCOOP Player of the Series leaderboard resulting from his performance during the final event. Leonard, following his finish at the top of the leaderboard and standings, thought he had too many points behind his name, and after informing PokerStars of the supposed mistake, was found to have indeed been awarded 100 points too many.

Following the correction of the tally, the British Poker-pro fell two positions to third place, thereby forfeiting his leaderboard high and title. This, in turn, led to “ZapahZamazki” assuming the position of new leader on both the overall as well as the high leaderboards. And while clearly disappointed, Leonard said that he felt that doing what was right was still more important than claiming a title not truly his to enjoy. 

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SCOOP 2021 Highlights

As for the highlight performances of the series following its final curtain on Wednesday night, many hands were dealt, and true champions crowned.

One such victor was Hungarian player “kZhh”, who emerged the winner of the $10,300 Main Event. The Hungarian walked away with a cool $878,781 following the agreement of a three-way deal with Romanian opponent Dan “Dannyz0r” Borlan and Norwegian Poker-star Kayhan “KayhanMok” Roshanfekr.

Also strutting his stuff had been Mario “livinmydream1” Mosbeck from Austria, who finished his SCOOP 2021 run with a first-place finish in the $1,050 Main Event – a performance that saw him pocketing an equally-impressive $838,909 for his stellar efforts.

But the most impressive result of them all would have been Fintan Hand’s incredible victory in the $5,200 PKO event – which saw him banking prize money to the value of $232,156 – followed by yet another phenomenal 4th place finish for $50,000 more from a $2,100 PKO event only a couple of evenings later.

Leonard A True Ace

As far as Pad’s leaderboard confusion went, his Russian opponent finished only 20 points short of the leading position behind the Brit.

Leonard however realised that he had been credited with 30 points following his 13th-place finish in a $1,050 event, when instead, he should have been awarded no points at all for that particular result. This ultimately led to re-calculation of the leaderboard score by PokerStars before the error was finally rectified and “ZapahZamazki” crowned the new all-round leader of the points.

If anything, what Leonard had done showed a spirit of true sportsmanship, and a feather in the cap of the game in general. And for that, he remains a winner in the books of everybody involved.

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