Poker Rooms To Limit Players Upon Reopening

By Ben Hamill - May 11 2020

Poker Rooms To Limit Players Upon Reopening

Sufficient distance geared at limiting the spread of any infectious diseases, airborne or otherwise, will be the new normal once operators are given the go-ahead to reopen by the Nevada Gaming Control Board. Physical distancing policies will apply to Poker tables too. Only a limited number of players will be permitted at each table, with a max count of 4 players per table the directive recently handed down to all operators.

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Limited seating arrangement will apply not only to Poker, but also to all other table games. Roulette tables will follow similar rules to Poker tables, being limited to a maximum headcount of 4 at any given time. Craps tables will seat a maximum of 6 players and Blackjack tables will be limited to a total number of 3 players only.

Limited Gaming Options

Needless to say, the imposed limits will not only imply that fewer players are able to play at any given table and at any given time, but also that certain options will be completely off the table. Certain gaming options will have to be put on hold due to the number of players required for those particular types of games. Examples of these are full ring games and six-max games.

The limits furthermore mean that all Poker tournaments will for the moment have to be put on hold. Tournaments typically require large numbers of players to convene at a central live location. The obvious assumption is that it will be quite some time before live Poker tournaments will be permitted to be hosted.

Plans To Be Submitted Beforehand

Operators and Poker rooms will have to provide to the Board proper schedules and outlines detailing the various precautions that have been and will be applied in order to ensure full compliance with the various new safety guidelines implemented by the authorities. A core measure is that of capacity being limited to 50% only once casinos are given the go-ahead to reopen with caution.

Aside from physical distance guidelines and limitations, clear and proper signs will have to be installed at various strategic points throughout each building and on every gaming floor. These will constantly remind players of proper personal hygiene guidelines. Employees, including dealers and general support staff, are to enjoy special time slots during which hands may be washed. Personal protective equipment must also be provided to employees and these must be worn at all times.

Casinos are required to lodge their safety contingency plans with the Board at least 7 days prior to reopening to the general public.

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