Galfond & Co Out To Prove Postle A Cheat

By Ben Hamill - October 02 2020

Galfond & Co Out To Prove Postle A Cheat

Stones Gambling Hall supervisor and Postlegate-sympathiser Justin Kuraitis may be convinced of the Poker community’s apathy regarding alleged cheat Mike Postle. But some of the biggest names in the industry aren’t about to simply let it all go as if Postle hadn’t actually cheated others out of hundreds of thousands of dollars in hard earned cash.  

Phil Galfond, in particular, is making no secret of a lack of amusement on his part as far as Postlegate is concerned. In fact, so severe is that lack of amusement, that the man himself has personally stepped up to the challenge of proving the Stones supervisor’s recent Twitter claims regarding Postle’s “overstated” guilt wrong. And he’s willing to crunch the numbers to prove it too.

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Mike Postle King Of The Rate

The variable is obviously in Postle’s case the amount of money won vs. the rate at which that money had been won. Though Kuraitis seems to agree with the general consensus that Postle’s winnings rank somewhere in the neighborhood of $250k, he (Kuraitis) is now claiming at least six figures to have moved through the money-wall en route to the supposed winnings.

The only way to get to the actual figures given the specific hands played by Mike Postle during his time spent scamming his way to the winnings at Stones Gambling Hall in Sacramento, would for someone with an in-depth knowledge of the game to meticulously re-create and document every single hand of cards played by the alleged scammer over the course of approximately 90 live-broadcast games.

This will obviously require a great deal of longsuffering, painstaking attention to detail, and - since a single live-stream typically lasts several hours – perhaps most costly of all, time.

They’ll Be Crunching The Numbers

Notable too, perhaps not surprisingly given the sheer number of people Postle has managed to peeve off, is that Galfond isn’t the only player happy to sacrifice his own time and effort in an attempt to, hopefully once and for all, settle the score. Matt Berkey too, has in the meantime expressed his interest in taking up the mammoth data analysis task at hand.

And unlike Galfond, Berkey, who owns and runs the Solve For Why Poker Training Academy, plans on going about the business of pulling the carpet from underneath Postle and Kuraitis in a much more tech-savvy (and hopefully time-saving!) kind of way. 

One of Berkey’s students at the academy has apparently developed a clever “screen scraping” tool capable of automatically (no human involvement required) converting the live-streamed hands into a list populated by all of the actual Poker hands played by Postle.

The tool is apparently already operational and is currently undergoing a final ironing-out of any possible bugs in the system.

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