Poker Pros Going Crazy For Prop Bets

By Ben Hamill - May 20 2021

Poker Pros Going Crazy For Prop Bets

The world of Poker clearly has gone prop-bet mad. And while many Poker players will insist they’re nothing like the gamblers we see showing off in front of their mates with fearless bets in the movies, recent developments insinuate otherwise.

Among the prop-bet-loving group are a 32-year-old online Poker master who believes he can ace 23 out of 40 soccer matches in two months, a 40-year-old WSOP two-time bracelet winner who’s all in for playing Canadian Poker star Daniel Negreanu in a heads-up for rolls, and even an Irishman who believes he can run ten under-4-hour marathons in only 14 days.

Nothing at all like gambling.

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Fintan Hand’s Sticky Situation

Prop bets, also known as proposition bets or side bets, are bets placed on gambling games – but on events not directly relevant to the outcome of the gambling game in question. But the prop bet has evolved over recent years, and now constitutes any sort of novelty bet wagered between two or more people.

The insistence of players about them not being gamblers aside, it certainly feels as if there are now more prop bets flying about among Poker’s most famous than ever before. Enter Irishman and Poker Twitch star Fintan Hand, who a few weeks ago hit a clearly unexpected 2,000 subscriptions, thereby losing a bet he wagered years ago. The outcome? Hand earlier this month had to eat 10,000 calories of chocolate live on this Twitch stream. He only managed to reach the 3,500-calorie mark, having eaten mostly peanut-buttery Reece’s Pieces. Also, he’d become rather sick before eventually tapping out.

What a way to lose a bet. Hand has since admitted that eating a truckload of peanut butter wrapped in chocolate was easily the dumbest thing he’d every committed to.

Leonard And Negs Join The Party

And then of course, there’s the prop bet made some weeks ago by British high-stakes pro Patrick Leonard.

The British Poker ace has committed himself to playing 40 games of footy in the next 60 days. And he’s taking bets on the likelihood of that actually happening, promising value to anyone interested in wagering on the action. And not surprisingly, he’s had quite a few takers.

Canadian Poker professional Daniel Negreanu, in the meantime, is taking novelty bets from anyone interested in wagering on a 3-to-2 on his last match against Phil Hellmuth in the pair’s much-publicised High-Stakes Duel.

After Brandon Cantu said in as many words that the Canadian’s heads-up game had become “painful” to watch, Negreanu simply couldn’t resist the urge to book a bet against Cantu for as much money as he (Negreanu) could “borrow”.

Nothing at all like gambling.

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