Poker Site Owner Has His Say Over High Stakes Players

By Ben Hamill - September 28 2019

Poker Site Owner Has His Say Over High Stakes Players

High-stakes online Poker players are no more than the bait the lures the rest of the thousands of little fish in the pond to a central location. Thus spoke Rob Young, part owner of partypoker and owner of Dusk Till Dawn Casino, during a recent appearance on Joe Ingram’s entertaining Poker Life podcast. Young was at the time trying to illustrate a point in that partypoker derived no joy from high-stakes players and that instead, the real income for the site lay with the average- and low-stakes players.

Young was at the time answering questions posed by Ingram following an incident during which Finnish Poker player Sami “LarsLuzak” Kelopuro won an incredible $1,3 million in a cash game hosted by partypoker. Incidentally, the very same player who had lost the $1.3 million to LarsLuzak had just won the same amount playing partypoker casino games. The point that Young was trying to illustrate was that high-stakes players in essence represented “money won and money lost”. It was a question of in and out and a balancing out of the money scales. Hardly any of the money swung by big money Poker players ever remains floating around in the system or at any point withdrawn in by the online casino and Poker platform itself.

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Young Doesn’t Care For Them

High-stakes players are a form of pure entertainment for lower-stake players, said Young. This was their purpose in the greater scheme of partypoker things. Young then went even more out on the bubble by saying that high-stakes players, despite he himself being a high-stakes player, did in a way “disgust” him just a little for being at liberty to throw around giant heaps of cash at their leisure.

Young also commented on the recent announcement that partypoker may be headed for a situation where the real names of high-stakes players are made public on the platform. He during the two-hour interview with Ingram explained that the big-reveal idea actually originated from among the high-stakes players themselves. Young said that partypoker had agreed to the arrangement as there weren’t all too many high-stakes players registered on platform; or any other online Poker platform for that matter; to start with, and so the risk to the operator, if any, is limited and actually quite small.

Not Quite The Bomb

Young also commented on the various demands made by high-stakes players. He said that players playing big-money pots, even though they are viewed as the deities of the Poker world by low-stakes players; are of the opinion that they may dictate to operators of online sites how the system should work and what the rules should be.

The partypoker part owner concluded his blowing off of the steam by saying that high-stakes players have it all wrong and that they are no more than, for the most part at least, “bumhunters”. What low-stakes players do not realise, concluded Young, is that they are the makings of the rake; the ones who are actually keeping the game going strong.

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