Leon Tsoukernik Sues Facebook Over King’s Ad

By Ben Hamill - April 23 2021

Leon Tsoukernik Sues Facebook Over King’s Ad

King’s Resort owner Leon Tsoukernik is reportedly trying to take social media giant Facebook to the cleaners for around $24 million over fraudulent and false advertising. Tsoukernik owns King’s Resort in Rosvadov in the Czech Republic and could recently be heard fuming over Facebook’s placement of an online casino add showing the front entrance to the popular casino and Poker card room – only as part of an advertisement for an online operator with no affiliation whatsoever with King’s Resort.

According to a report that recently appeared in a Czech newspaper, the famous King’s Resort owner is gravely unhappy about the illegal use of images belonging to the resort, and even more so about Facebook’s obvious double standards when it comes to verification procedures for advertising and promotional purposes. 

The advertisement recently appeared on Facebook allegedly calls on social media users and gaming enthusiasts to join by creating an account with the online casino, complete with everything from sign-up bonuses to special promotions on offer.

While King’s Resort isn’t mentioned by name in any of the ad’s content, the photos used are apparently clearly that of the popular Czech establishment’s front entrance.

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King’s Laid Open To Damages

Tsoukernik has expressed serious fears over the threat of damage to the famous resort’s brand. He is now laying the blame squarely with the social media giant, while accusing Facebook of a lack of diligence at the time of placing the advertisement to the public platform.

The main issue at hand appears to be the easy identifiability of the establishment shown in the images that formed part of the advertisement. Facebook administrators too, should have been able to pick up on the fact that it had been King’s Resort shown in the advertisement, said Tsoukernik in defense of the lawsuit.

Peeved At FB’s Double Standards

The known Poker enthusiast appears seriously irked by the fact that as recently as only two years ago, at the time of the placing of an actual ad for the real King’s Casino, Facebook had demanded all manners of proof, advertising rights, and specifically proof of authentication of ownership of photos of images. Facebook even asked for a proof of trademark, he reportedly told the Czech news publication.

For this reason especially, said Tsoukernik, he now failed to wrap his head around why Facebook did not follow similar protocols in the case of the online casino’s ad.

The King’s Resort owner has apparently now roped in the help of the local customs office to help cement the case against Facebook. The Czech customs office oversees all gambling laws and regulations in the region.

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