Second Chance Loto-Quebec Bad Beat Jackpot

By Ben Hamill - May 10 2020

Second Chance Loto-Quebec Bad Beat Jackpot

It now seems that even the worst of luck “pays” when playing OK Poker on Loto-Quebec’s premium gaming platform. And since we could all do with a bit of beating the odds right now, Loto-Quebec’s Bad Beat Poker progressive jackpot may be just what the doctor has ordered for some much-needed lifting of the spirits.

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The jackpot currently hovers around a fantastic CA$171,405 in prize money and everyone qualifying to play is invited to the Loto-Quebec OK Poker party. And since online Poker is quite the trend right now, players are becoming more and more interested at trying their hands at various new games and skills that they probably would not otherwise even have tried had it not been for having to stay safe and at home.

Give It One More Try

Since losing means a second chance at winning, there surely has to be a second chance game somewhere in the offing. And there certainly is. Those unsuccessful at bagging any of the cash on offer on Loto-Quebec’s website may now opt in on being rerouted to, where a second chance at winning awaits. Best of all perhaps is that the only criteria in terms of qualifying for a second chance, is losing!

Being that Bad Beat is a progressive jackpot, the size of it keeps on growing as players tune in to play each week. And since no Poker player worth his or her weight in gold would even dream of aiming for a loss, it’s nice to know that when that does happen (you win, you lose!), there’s one more change at hitting it big on the fast approach.

Registering Is A Requirement

Players do have to practically opt in on their second chance. This is done quickly and easily by registering their player details at Age verification is required throughout. Once age-verified, players are prompted to choose the Texas Hold’em Poker table preferred by them.

What’s more, everyone can be a winner with Loto-Quebec because not only does the highest-ranking player get to pocket the moolah, but so too does the follower-up. A percentage of the cash in the kitty is then distributed among all players to have scored a set of pocket cards.

There’s nothing quite like those feelings experienced during and after a big win. Just ask Montreal resident Raymond Desjardins. The Montreal player last week bagged 25% of the overall value of the Bad Beat jackpot, which at the time amounted to a sweltering CA$188,974.

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