Poker Legend Howard “Tahoe” Andrew Dies

By Ben Hamill - January 18 2021

Poker Legend Howard “Tahoe” Andrew Dies

Beloved live Poker legend Howard “Tahoe” Andrew has died aged 86. Tahoe is considered by many one of Poker’s most beloved characters and is an industry stalwart who competed in every World Series of Poker Main Event from 1974 to 2018.

Known for his undying enthusiasm and a true gentleman who provided many laughs around countless live tables, Tahoe, an industrial engineer and math major, played his way to countless cashes throughout the course of his lifetime run with the WSOP, including a 1984 eighth-place finish for $26,400.

Tahoe’s 45-year WSOP Main Event run effectively means he competed in nearly every Main Event in the history of the World Series of Poker. The very first WSOP Main Event, in 1970, was in the year that saw Johnny Moss emerge ultimate champion out of only seven players, which was only 11 fewer than in 1974, which was Tahoe’s first. This eventually meant that Tahoe’s first WSOP Main Event consisted of 16 players, while his very last witnessed a field of 7,874.

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He Made And Kept Poker History

Tahoe is considered a true stalwart of the industry and a gatekeeper of the game. He took care of the very history of Poker while at the same time also making that very history himself, said ESPN WSOP commentator Lon McEachern as he paid tribute to the legend late last week.

Several more industry greats paid tribute to Tahoe, including Poker Hall of Famer Linda Johnson, aka the “First Lady of Poker”. Referring to the WSOP regular as having been a true asset to Poker and its industry, Johnson said she greatly enjoyed travelling and seeing the world alongside Tahoe on all of their many cruises together and was proud to have been able to call him her friend.

Milkshakes At 2 A.M.

Another fond memory was tweeted by Dan Ross, who remembered how Tahoe had during September last year, at the ripe old age of 86, played his way to a heads-up finish at Thunder Valley. Tahoe had at 2 a.m., during which hour the table was still going strong, sent Ross off to buy milkshakes for everyone.

Incredible about Tahoe also was that his very first two recorded live Poker cashes ever were his two WSOP bracelet wins in 1976, which almost unbelievably, were won on back-to-back days. His largest cash win was $259,000, which was when he finished second in the 1987 Grand Prix of Poker Main Event.

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