Irish Poker Initiative Helping Marty Wilson

By Ben Hamill - April 25 2019

Poker’s Calls To Help Marty Wilson Pay Off

The Poker community has called on fans far and wide to join in and raise funds for one of the game’s most beloved players. There was a time when “Mad Marty” Wilson was a regular on the Poker scene; always up for a laugh and ready to play. But that all changed for Wilson as well as for partner Katherine when a couple of months ago, when Wilson was away in Thailand, he fell desperately ill and was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.

Wilson had at the time been initially hospitalised in the Thailand, but managed to make it back to his partner in the UK. He now desperately needs life-saving surgery, but his physicians are not yet able to perform the surgery as a result of two infections that have in the meantime set in. To off-set the interim effects of the cancer, as well as to try and slow down its progress, Wilson is now undergoing intense chemotherapy.

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Poker’s Irish Open Initiative

As these things tend to go, the couple now has to find money and resources for all kind of unexpected long-term expenses, such has having to borrow a car to get to and from Wilson’s regular hospital visits. In addition to that one can only begin to imagine what other costs and expenses they have had to incur; and are still having to incur; in an attempt to secure effective treatment and medical care for Wilson.

It wasn’t long before Irish Poker-pro Mick McCloskey decided that something had to be done to assist Marty and Katherine with their day-to-day expenses as well as with the costs of the chemotherapy, and so a call was made to the community to chip in and help. McCloskey launched a fundraiser in support of Wilson on Facebook, and says that the response has been absolutely phenomenal. McCloskey has now increased the target to £10,000.

Jesse May: Have Hope For Marty Wilson

In addition to the fundraiser, McCloskey, along with a group of other regular players on the Irish pro-Poker scene; players like Fintan Gavin, Phil Baker and Padraig Parkinson, all Irish Poker celebrities in their own right; has also launched an initiative aimed at making more players on the Irish Poker scene aware of Wilson’s situation. The group has also asked players to open their hearts and financial means to Wilson by donating 2% of their winnings at this year’s Irish Open to Wilson and his partner.

Wilson has been a regular on the Irish Poker scene and will hopefully be well enough to return at some point. He is lovingly described by player Jesse May as someone always willing to help others whenever there is a need. May called on everyone playing the Irish Open this year to spare a thought for Marty Wilson, because said May, having hope is a good thing.

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