Kruse Debacle Draws New Attention To RTA

By Ben Hamill - October 05 2020

Kruse Debacle Draws New Attention To RTA

Real-Time Assistance (RTA) in Poker is a hotter conversation topic now than ever before because of what we saw happening as a result of the Fedor Kruse debacle. Since many Poker players weren’t even aware of such a thing as cheating software other than typical highly detectable bot software, Kruse has managed to open up a whole new pandora’s box of information and controversy.

As for what all constitutes as RTA – any technology or aid or resource used by a poker player in their decision-making processes while a cash game or tournament is underway. No distinction is made between whether the process is procuring help from an automated system, or whether the information procured from a system is manually entered by the player into a secondary system streaming the actual game or tournament.

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Why RTA Equals Cheating

There are however RTA systems significantly more complex than others. And since the complexity of these systems practically cloak the fact that user has enlisted “outside” help, said systems are considered only that much more threatening to the integrity of the online Poker game as a whole.

Complex RTAs typically help the user play a so-called Game Theory Optimal, or GTO, strategy. This type of strategy is constantly analysing and re-analysing and ultimately ends up yielding results that are considered mathematically unfaultable. And solvers really do tell users how to best go about approaching literally every decision based on a particular set of circumstances. These decisions typically include exactly how much should be bet based on a particular scenario – or even whether the user should be betting at that point in time in the first place.

By relying on solver technology, the player enjoys a certain edge over their fellow game or tournament competitors. Even a minor edge enjoyed in a high-stakes game can potentially mean tens of thousands of dollars in the bank over the course of a year – tens of dollars won because of unfair – prohibited - advantage enjoyed over non-GTO users.

GGPoker Says Re Solvers, Etc.

Suffice to say, online Poker platforms typically do not allow the use of RTA systems. GGPoker, for example, in its user terms and conditions describes several scenarios involving solvers and other RTA systems, and to what extent outside help is prohibited. Some explanatory examples include:

  • All decisions made at the Poker table must be made by the actual player. Humans are playing the game, and as such, humans must decide the action to be taken at any point in a game underway – including the size of a bet, at what point to wager the bet, whether or not to raise, etc.
  • GTO solvers, range calculators, ICM analysers, the installation of bot software, etc., are all prohibited and considered tantamount to cheating.
  • Any action found to have involved solvers, bots, or any other form of cheating guidance constitute a breach – which breach may lead to either a permanent ban or a confiscation of funds in credit, or even both.

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