Bill Perkins Outs Cheat Worse Than Postle

By Ben Hamill - May 28 2020

Bill Perkins Outs Cheat Worse Than Postle

According to well-known businessman and long-time Poker enthusiast Bill Perkins, there walks among us a player who makes Mike Postle’s cheating antics resemble innocent fooling-about shenanigans. This has obviously catalysed a massive social media guessing game as to the identity of the supposed shadow-er of the many sins of the stupendous cheat that is Mike Postle. Best of all? It all started with one superbly acrimonious and angry Perkins tweet.

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Unfortunately for those given to the outskirts as well as the in-skirts of curiosity (some would argue ‘cautionary interest’), the entire thing petered down to a rather watered-down state in terms of information as well as dark-entertainment value due to Perkins’ unwillingness to identify the supposed Postle-style tomfooler.

Behold The Bald-Headed Culprit

With the entire debacle now closely resembling a morbid game of Clue, Perkins only seems willing to part but with select bits of information, the juiciest one at a no-hands win being that the “player” pegged to the crucifix is in fact one of the world’s 7 leading pros.

What resulted was a social media Hendon Mob-style flight of fancy involving using said Hendon Mob as a touchstone of sorts for identification guestimate-style purposes. Canadian Poker-pro Daniel “Kid Poker” Negreanu soon became the number 1 culprit when upon the emergence of a scribbled identikit pic, it jokingly emerged that the wrong-doer in question did in fact possess a semi-full head of hair. Since Negreanu is the only head of hair to 6 baldies in the Top 7, logic dictated that it had to have been he whom Perkins had referred to.

Is That You, Jungleman?

That’s however not where the joke train stopped as one other promptly suggested that to his (or her) mind sound reason dictated that 6 of the 7 top dogs were cheating as a rule in anyway and that the only reason a mono head was being singled out at present was because of the fact that “big daddy” Perkins had ended up on the wrong side of the cheater’s intentions.

It all remained great fun and games and social media banter until army boots-wielding and often joke-of-the-industry Dan Bilzerian pitched up on the digital scene, proclaiming the time ripe for an official bit of naming and shaming and proceeding to peg Dan “Jungleman” Cates as the new Postle, aka ‘he who shan’t be named’ by Perkins wrongdoer. 

Bilzerian’s tweet has since been deleted.

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