America’s Cardroom CEO In Trouble Over Comments

By Ben Hamill - June 20 2021

America’s Cardroom CEO In Trouble Over Comments

This week, the game of poker suffered yet another major setback as Phil Nagy, Chief Executive Officer of America’s Cardroom, displayed an instance of overt misogyny within the community. During a Twitch stream, he made a number of crude sexual comments. The worst of these comments was directed at his girlfriend, an online poker streamer who goes by the handle of WeePro83.

Nagy has since apologised both privately and publicly. However, in the days following his comments, numerous members of the media and of the poker community spoke out expressing their disgust at Nagy’s actions.

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Nagy’s Apology

Following his comments, Nagy responded with a lengthy apology on his Twitter profile. He said that he was truly sorry for what he said, and that he never meant to hurt anyone. The CEO then admitted to being out of line and then added that he wished that there was something he could have done to make everything right again.

In the days that came after his apology, social media was abuzz with debate about the incident. While nobody believed his behaviour to be excusable, many argued that the aftermath of his words was different to that of other high-profile instances of bad behaviour. Unlike in past examples of blatant misogyny within the poker world, Nagy did not try to deny his actions or make excuses for them. Many felt that while he had spoken out of turn, he owned his terrible behaviour and sought forgiveness from those he had offended.

A Teachable Moment

This instance has been compared to that of Dan Bilzerian’s. Bilzerian has previously made gross comments about Vanessa Kade. However, the GGPoker player made it clear that he meant every word that he said and doubled down on it. Fellow players rallied behind him and the company through which he was sponsored took every possible measure that it could to punish the person he had demeaned.

Ms Kade weighed in on the matter regarding Nagy. She condemned his actions but expressed her belief that he likely intended no ill malice. This instance with the poker CEO has become something of a teachable moment for the game, and not just because there is undeniable proof in the public that Nagy made a grave error. Many are hoping that this will serve as the ultimate deterrent and will prevent others from making the same kinds of mistakes.

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