Playground Poker Moves Cash Games Online

By Ben Hamill - April 04 2020

Playground Poker Moves Cash Games Online

Our world is in actual fact no more than a digital village and Playground Poker Club has decided that there’s no time like the present to make the best of an otherwise very worrying time by taking full advantage of the unique opportunities made possible by the age of the internet. The Kahnawake venue has teamed up with online brand partypoker and will soon launch Playground Online Cash Games in the spirit of sticking to the rules of social distancing.

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Kahnawake is a famous stop for players, and there is never any shortage of top-class entertainment thanks to the Playground Poker team. And now that the team has partnered up with partypoker, there’s no need for the fun to slump because of threats posed by the Coronavirus.

Digitising The Experience

What Playground Poker essentially wants to achieve is to recreate the live experience online. And according to the creative team behind the initiative, its completely possible to create the very same feelings of excitement and exhilaration generally experienced at a live event or festival, in each individual’s home via the wonders of online technology.

The idea is to recreate the experience in such a way that it becomes more than just typical online Poker play. A great deal of thought has obviously been applied to the endeavour so as to create the sensation that “nothing has changed”. An example of how the joint venture hopes to achieve this seemingly challenging feat, is to make the “online tables” to as far as possible resemble the actual tables typically played at the Kahnawake live Poker venue, even if that means reserving some of the online tables for those who regularly played together in person prior to the current lockdowns.

Keeping It Normal Is Essential

Other features will be that each player participating in an online cash game will have his or her name displayed as if that player was in attendance in person. For the purpose of creating a feeling of “real in-person Poker”, typical online pseudonyms (or avatars) will not be used this time round.

Players will furthermore be encouraged to buddy-up as what they would have done at the physical venue. This will not only ensure that Poker lives on but also that players remain engaged and socially connected so as to make social distancing and being isolated at home in quarantine a great deal more bearable from a mental health perspective.

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