Playground Poker To Re-Launch Bust The Bank

By Ben Hamill - January 07 2020

bust the bank

The coming Winter months just got a great deal less daunting as cash will be raining down on gaming’s own once more in Kahnawake. The latest news is that host Freeway Frank will be making his return to the venue for the next 2 months and all the way through March 1st, with the re-launch of the popular Bust the Bank competition.

Playground Poker will once again be actioning the Bust the Bank proceedings and will also be ensuring a constant stream of exciting new and existing Poker tournaments at Kahnawake all throughout 2020.

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How To Qualify To Play

Qualifying for participation can be secured in a number of ways, the most popular of which will be engaging in sessions on Playground Poker’s electronic gaming devices. These have been known to really impress the crowds and we thank that by scoring points for each session as a means to entering the Sunday-play is a great idea on the part of the competition’s administrators. 250 points will be added to the player’s tally for every session played on the electronic gaming devices.

Various prizes and cash payouts will be up for grabs once the popular series returns to the casino on January 12th. From then on out the games will be hosted each and every Sunday, with the final game set to the played on March the 1st, when the upcoming Break the Bank series will officially draw to a 2020-close.

Lucky Points Make Lucky Money

The competition format will follow the same basic style as what had been the case in the past. Players ultimately selected as one of the some 165 who will be leaving with serious Bust the Bank cash in hand following the close of each Sunday, will be all in on the strength of a lucky points draw.

How it works is that for every 250 points scored (this being the merit-bit, of course) a player will receive one entry into the weekly raffle in order to decide who gets to play on that particular Sunday.

He who gets to spin the wheel on any given Sunday will not only be leaving with cash in hand but will also qualify for an opportunity go have a go at the mother of all wheels of fortune. Those fortunate enough to secure a spot on the big spin will have the opportunity of playing for a super smooth $100,000.

Now that’s a serious busting of the bank!

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