Playground Poker Now Allowing 150 Guests

By Ben Hamill - September 22 2020

Playground Poker Now Allowing 150 Guests

Poker players from Kahnawake area and surrounds will be elated to know that they can now bargain on higher numbers of individuals being permitted to indulge in all of their favourite gambling games than in a very long time. September 18 saw the total occupancy limit in force at Playground Poker Club increase from 50 all the way up to 150 – which is a major leap ahead for the cap.

What makes the recent relief even more of a joyous occasion is obviously the fact that in-person gaming only recently made any sort of a return to the popular gaming hotspot. What with gaming establishments country-wide having been ordered closed for over 6 months, players have been perching on the edge of their seats to get back to their all-time favourite pastime.

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Hard Work Led To Increased Cap

The enormous September 18 accomplishment was the result of a great deal of hard work and ongoing efforts from those working hard at helping the popular establishment once more become the successful hang-out it once was. The solution came in the way of a comprehensive health and safety gaming plan in terms of the official reopening.

Initially upon its September 4 reopening only permitted to allow 50 guests into the venue at any given time, so accomplished and exemplary did said safety plan turn out to be, that in only a little over 2 weeks time, the venue received the official greenlight for a 150-person occupancy ratio.

The fantastic reopening plan involved guests having had to reserve their gaming spots ahead of time, mandatory screening processes at all entrances and exits, and ongoing cleaning and disinfection protocols being followed every two hours during off-peak times, and around the hour when the venue is at its busiest.

Cleaning processes include the regular disinfection of all door handles, counters, PIN-pads and all other flat surfaces typically coming into physical contact with visitors.

Planning For Success

Several milestones have been set by the popular gaming and entertainment hub, and these will be rolled out over the next couple of months. This so as to ensure that the venue remains a safe and secure entertainment location for all who wish to visit the gaming hotspot.

Only electronic gaming machines are for the moment being made available to visitors. Poker tables are to remain closed until further notice. This in the spirit of promoting physical distance between players and between players and employees.

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