Phil Ivey To Release Royal Flush Poker NFTs

By Ben Hamill - July 02 2021

Phil Ivey To Release Royal Flush Poker NFTs

It was back in April that the World Poker Tour (WPT) decided to take an unexpected step. Namely, getting into the business of non-fungible tokens (NFTs.) Those familiar with NBA Top Shot will already know what an NFT is. Namely, a digital collectible. Though, of course, in this case the tokens will be based around Poker. Now it turns out that legendary pro player Phil Ivey will be the name behind the product.

Having just scooped the grand prize of $25,000 at the Heads Up Championship, Ivey made the announcement that it would be his name behind the NFTs, titled the Royal Flush collection. Though, of course, he won’t be going at it alone. He partnered with Impossible Brief and Ethernity Chain to make the collection possible.

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A Different Royal Flush

The NFT collection is called Royal Flush, and will commemorate great players, as well as great moments in WPT history. The set will be categorised around a playing card theme of 10, jack, Queen, King and Ace, with each priced according to the value of the card. Additionally, only limited numbers of each card are to be made available and will be on sale for only 72 hours. If supply runs out prior to the 72 hours ending, no more will be made available.

There are 100 10 card tokens, 75 Jacks, 50 Queens, 20 Kings, and only 8 Aces. As would be expected, each digital sale has a built-in software signature, meaning that it is 100% unique and traceable.

Cryptocurrency Leads The Way

But there is another interesting twist; the NFTs are on sale at between $199 ERN and $1,999 ERN. ERN is, of course, the cryptocurrency backed by Ethernity Chain. So those interested in starting their own collection will have to get involved in cryptocurrency, whether they like it or not.

On the other hand, there is a pretty big incentive. Those that are able to meet a list of requirements will get the opportunity to play a game of Poker with Phil Ivey on a luxury yacht in Miami. The requirements include buying a 10, Jack, Queen, King and Ace Royal Flush token, as well as getting 1 of 8 of the special Ace tokens. The Aces will be put up for auction at a starting price of $4,000 ERN.

It is certainly a long and expensive set of requirements, but chances are that there are many Poker enthusiast out there that are keen for a chance to meet, and play with the legendary Phil Ivey.

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