Joe Ingram’s Phil Ivey Interview Digs Deep

By Ben Hamill - June 15 2021

Joe Ingram’s Phil Ivey Interview Digs Deep

For many Poker fans, ten-time World Series of Poker (WSOP) winner, Phil Ivey, has always been a mysterious figure. Despite being one of the most famous Poker players in history, very little is actually known about him. Throughout the course of his sometimes-controversial career he has managed to remain an enigma – that is, until now. He recently sat down for an hour-long interview with Joe Ingram.

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Learning More About Himself

Ivey shared that it has now been two years since he stopped drinking alcohol and started doing yoga and meditating. He worked hard to get to know himself better, acknowledging that when different people keep saying the same thing to you, they are likely right. This is how he came to deal with his addictions, the earliest of which he says was Poker. For ten years, he felt married to the game and the lifestyle that accompanies it.

Eventually, he said that this lifestyle took its toll on him. He admitted that he felt as though he was hitting a wall as his mental health became seriously affected.

Returning To The Limelight

After spending a great deal of time out of the limelight and working on himself, Ivey recently returned to the news. In October, he appeared alongside Barry Greenstein in a series of videos produced for Poker King. Then last month, he featured as a special guest on the DAT Poker podcast’s 100th episode. Just a few weeks ago, he was confirmed to play a celebrity tournament to mark the launch of Ethereum-based site, Virtue Poker.

During last month, Joe Ingram started hinting that the Poker star would be joining him for an interview. As the two bounced between subjects, they discussed bankroll management and the mistakes that lead Ivey to learning valuable lessons, as well as instances in his earliest days of playing that ended with him missing the bus home.

A Comeback On The Horizon

Ivey shared that he is planning an eventual return to regular high-stakes action. He added that he is well aware of the uphill challenges that he will face, which is why he is in no rush to return to the game. He will make his comeback once he has figured a few more things out.

The player noted that in his absence, Poker has definitely evolved. While he does enjoy playing online every now and then, he much prefers playing live.

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