Peters Wins Second US Poker Open Event

By Ben Hamill - June 17 2021

Peters Wins Second US Poker Open Event

This year’s US Poker Open is drawing to a close and with two events left to decide who the winner will be, David Peters and Ali Imsirovic seem to be the tournament’s stand-out stars. Peters is the first ever player to have won two events in the US Poker Open. Imsirovic, on the other hand, seems to be gunning for the US Poker Championship.

On Sunday, Peters walked away as the winner of the tenth event, the $10,000 Short Deck. He had previously won the seventh event, the $10,000 No Limit Hold’em. With additional cash prizes on top of these two, the player has so far banked $367,200. While there are 27 players enrolled in the US Poker Open, just four players have made any money.

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The PokerGO Tour’s First Stop

The US Poker Open marks the first stop of the PokerGO Tour. The tour was first announced in April, at which stage five stops were scheduled. These stops also included the PokerGO Cup, the Poker Masters, the PokerGO Heads-Up Championship, and the Super High Roller Bowl. Since this initial announcement, several more festivals have been announced, some of which stretch into the later weeks of September.

PokerGO has had many firsts in recent months. It has also introduced the very first global professional poker ranking system. This differs from other ranking systems in that it takes into account only a tournament’s buy-in and the prize that the player walks away with. Other systems factor in the size of the field as well.

Imsirovic Closing In On The Leaderboard

While Peters has already won two out of the 10 US Poker Open events, Imsirovic seems to be closing in on the leaderboard. So far, he has amassed an impressive 438 points, pushing him to 116 points ahead of Peters. There are just two other players to have scored over 300 points – Andrew Lichtenberger and Joe McKeehen.

It is expected that come Monday, Peters will begin making up some of the ground lost. He has made the six-handed final table of the 11th event, a $25,000 No-Limit Hold’em. However, he is one of the short stacks, which means he will have to put in a lot of work to win his third event at this tournament. Should he be the first player eliminated from this event, he will earn an estimated 62 points. This will lessen his fiercest competitor’s lead somewhat.

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